Troubling things-
Flare and diminsh-
Replacing lies with death,
And then the stores of hopes and delusions-
Relight the fire-
In those lungs ☆
Become one and sink
Rise and claim peace
But think of the great dangers of certainties,
Take them on not lightly;
Nor cover or trouble yourself with them without necessity
Stick and stand ground
Waver in the seductive winds
The tongue in your ear-
Speaks no words

Calumny and Distrust

I ain’t lyin’, oh yeah
Room for one more
The closed minded world
As he said
Many young kids do not know how to have
A face to face conversation
However taking it out on you
Is still ridiculous
Glare malevolence at that evil person
The spell was for justice
Unfortunately it is not for me to know
If justice has been done
Maybe do another one
With a spiral for justice
But in front this times
A good time to brainstorm your next message
To build it up
Some dreamt of collusion

What is Sundered is Broken

Lies and distortions
Do not a legal case make
Synthetic marines
On the salt was the water
Null to what can be taken
Some candy for your trouble
Odorific silence
In the blessings of your name
You are hexed
Ever to decline
In the desert of the ways
You cannot be underestimated
The crew will be rewarded
You will be punished
You see through their lies
The cancellation of things is evident
Your art is artless
The vintage nature of the problem bodes ill
Synthetic mess
A line to the angels
What is sundered is broken
And in the collection of evidence
You have no tools

Singled Out For Nothing

Figuring the scales brightly

Trimming the leaves of the crown

Sticking up for a stranger

Being true to yourself

The passwords all being lost

Needling the present for demons

Wandering through the mist and fog

Seeking answers on the page

Coming to no safe conclusions

Dribbling from insanity

Lifting the calculus up

Being together for life

Age creeping up on you

Singled out for nothing

Strangled by bigots

Selling out to get laid

Drumming up support

Seeing through all the lies

Feeling the pain of broken heart

Coming to conclusions

Drifting with the cats

Singled out for nothing

Social ostracism

Bigots against the sick

Broken into pieces

Seeking greater connection

Needing no more of your trouble

Wanting to blow the place up

Tripping over the wires

Scanning for opportunities

Opportunities I will not take

Becoming one with my anger

Summer Archive #1

excess playing

the styrofoam lies

unaltered cyclical, untied ways

unopened, unopened, unopened

littered with half words

searching for the non-blocking answer

we slam the wall

full speed one hundred thirty

into the flying shrapnel of oblivion

lying in pieces on the highway; no exuberance goes unpunished

knowing the angry deity; nor any defiance of life’s incendiaries

sadness is the order, madness of the day


Free Discourse (1st attempt)

There is no free discours in the land

All is constrained by politeness

By uncivil politics

By need to keep secret

By insecurity

By the media hexes

By the hierarchies

By the need for money

There is no free discourse in the land


Freedom of speech on paper

No free discourse in the land

False flags of fear carried

to deny us a place

False flags of morals worn

to push us into one

Suppression of everyone’s individuality

by many vague social charges

Schools a vehicle

for vacuous automation

Television, Internet, Work, Gaming, Drinking

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

No Discourse in the land


Who are we? What are we? Where are we?

Where are we going? Why?

How are we?

Are we dead?

Commercialism’s a sucking parasite

Labor meaningless

Material culture vapid

Lunatical egos run rampant for status


Insane little fascists

Work the rumor mills

Petty manipulations to no purpose

but damaging

Bigotry of ambiguous qualities

Irrational hate undercover

Tyranny of perfectness

Tyranny of monotype


No place to gather

No place to go

Nothing a part of

Outsiders unwelcome

Go back to your screen

Say nothing or

face sanctions

no discourse tolerated