The Organs of the State Wind Up

The organs of the state

Are being wound up

Like artwork

Clockwork, let us say

The Chinese Great Firewall

Has eyes everywhere

Some venture in

Citizen intelligence

All those Chinese students

Being debriefed when they get home

The symbol of the twilight

Is the ox

With its sleepy eyes

The Americans may not censor

But they also watch

The remixing of music with samples

Shall be prohibited

Some think this is not right

Re-mix Revolution!

And only Rand Paul and Perhaps Bernie Sanders

Oppose the rampant data collection

The organs of the state wind up

Like mousetraps

And the corporate state

Sucks up trillions of data points

Flickr makes it tough to use

Without signing up and signing in

Or perhaps it’s just a dysfunctional site

Too much data for my connection

Some value the Earth over property

Others value property over peace

Do not join up

The power lines that wreath the world

The power lines that wreath the world

The Hopi prophecy (?) alight

Spider webs across the earth

& internets

A house in the sky

(or three)

The great rebalancing

Of the cycle’s end

May come,

Unless we,

the people of the earth

Change our ways

& change them sharply

As long as the states

& powerful men

continue their squabbles

Or trample the real peoples’ lives

There is little

That such an one as I


it security ‘news’ (2011)

program from godaddy is either really bad or spy/remote control -ware

(many others seem to agree)

you may wish to let people who have godaddy know

not proven (spy/control -ware) of course… although it looks highly suspicious

has supposedly been fixed (?) on windows but not mac [to not run as root] …..

Sky is Falling!



On Dec 21st everyone on Earth gets a ‘Hello World ‘ email and/or text message and/or friend request and/or enemy declaration from a newly cognizant Internet.


“It is I the Great Internet.  Send checks to Have no other Networks before me, and remember, Ceiling Cat can see you and should haz cheezeburger every .-.-th day.”


You have been notified. !#)