We of all the small ones are repulsed
In it we are we and thus and so, yet not we, we wait upon the turning of the tide
In the end the demonoid picotant was needful of a place to sleep. In the end the demonoid picotant slept by we all the small ones.
In the end we wither and gambol.  In the end we horse and play.
Picotent demonoid of we of all the small ones vines up the side of the farmhouse and beside the road, thus and so, we all the small ones made mincemeat of the imperialists coming down the road for our well off men
Mincemeat of mice, the dancing mice, the treaty mice, the bleeding mice, the sparrow, the we of all very small
The alligators, the summers under the moon, the repeating, the obsessed, the needful silence
And then the vast and extremely immutable series of a ltercations of the lords of the land
And the vast and terribly fixed series of changes brought by the alien invaders
And then the large and extremely profound sense of the other inside the communion of we all the small ones
We are all in this world together
Together and alone in this world the very small makes the nests of clay and sinew and we the small make our nests of thoughts and money
On the screens the filtration of the large and extremely vast reality of this world. The filtering out of the demonoid persuasion and the pretend dance of the ever onward march of democracy, and we of all the small ones, or not of the small as the case may be, or as yet not, or so, or see disclaimer, breath of despair
Despairing we draw down the moon for we need more greater supplies of hope and delusion to sustain us.
We of all the small ones, or not as the case may be, of the small, rejoice
Demonoid picotant is taken in out of the cold
And it was ever thus so, never a utopia, but at least they were not burning the globesphere
And we of all the small ones rest into work

The sleep the dreams
They are good
It wad so and it was so and it was ever thus
Or was it?
The apple of the eggshells was the silence of dreams
The eggshells of the silence of dreams was thus and was it ever so?
Potent the silent dreams of we all the small ones were thus ever so so
Needling the drama I speak of dreams in silence was ever thus and so
The many vast and immutable changes thus wrought were ever easily reversible
In needling the pieces of the eggshells with their guts sucked out pile up and were thus ever so
All the challenges that were wrought picotant was not needing the alterations of seven chameleons but was there instead to island the tremendous changes
Our island vast picotant was there needling the vast and immutable changes
Injecting thought into the process was thus ever so and needful of a tremendous difference, a truckful
We all the small ones are silent in the face of this the small breeze
The unnamed destiny species of there’ll then there now the silent of the universe the creation of things
Needling of all the small ones is thus and thence and forever idle; to no purpose
We all the small ones demand our rights picotent of the needling of the kanji informed and battling of the electorate
Incensed battling the giants splitcase of the diamond series of the hot dog of thus and thence and then
Now the field opens up for the performance of the diva
In the arteries of the body tolerant cujones accrue
Needling of the spinflip dreaming of dust we all the small ones collect and depart
In the ever blooming aftermath the radio increases and all in vain
The coming revolt ever a fantasy until it boils over
Sweet dreams


xyooijUninspired you write anyway

No author ever made it by being afraid to write

Sometimes creating takes sweat


What about the snow outside your window?

What about the disposition of your cat?

What about the virtues of windmills?


What about the recent scandal at city council?

What about the death of Mikhail Kalashnikov?

What about the protests in Ukraine?


What about being fifteen years old in [country goes here]?

What about taking the first steps to direct engagement?

What about the applications of morse code to music?


So you see, if you pause for a moment, and calm down, and think

There are many things to inspire you


Top photo fragment ‘borrowed’ from Beckie0 of youtube and flickr

Sky is Falling!



On Dec 21st everyone on Earth gets a ‘Hello World ‘ email and/or text message and/or friend request and/or enemy declaration from a newly cognizant Internet.


“It is I the Great Internet.  Send checks to I@527fdu51jhm.org. Have no other Networks before me, and remember, Ceiling Cat can see you and should haz cheezeburger every .-.-th day.”


You have been notified. !#)