Tension Tamer Tea


Flare of subaudible voices wishing ill
Mental issues well past
May sometimes still flare
Was it the Tension Tamer tea?
Or writing about my life?
Writing too close to bed or too late at night?
Or just the blare of telepathic hostility from those jealous of my progress?
Lalala, Sigh,
Too close to morning now for sleeping pills
Sleep is not required every night
And would the pills even have worked
In this condition?
Never be paranoid, never be superstitious
Except when you ought, that is

Breakdown \ Collapse

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Twitter sends you regards,
Yet – no –
place in the head for love
In the true nature,
You become other than your wishes \ \ f a l l i n g . . .
to a place you remember well,
But had not expected to return so easily
L a u g h i n g at you – –
Strength in numbers;
Audience size is not a factor – bending between the ears \ \ L i E s \ \
No question of sleep until pharmacy opens . . . …
The regulation of time between the thighs
: : : {{Balance}} : : : – power…
= thoughtbreakdown [[mind]]{collapse}


Jumping off a bridge
Jumping off a building
Jumping out a window
I gotta go somewhere
I gotta go
Wastin’ time standin’ here
I gotta go
Meanwhile, torrential rains lash down
I do believe rains would lift my spirit
Mixing nicotine fluid with vodka shots
I gotta go
Find me a revolver
Just make this insistent playing of ‘jump’
Go away
What would be your last words on Earth?
Do you prefer suicide or execution?
Soon those will be your only choices
As time ticks away
So do your chances to choose
What would be your last words on Earth
I gotta go
Lift your hands to something
Write a poem and let us know
And maybe it would ease your trouble a little bit
Before it comes down to the firing squad
And the heroin
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Art is either plagiarism or revolution
Murder, Malice, Mutiny
We’re looking for an a-word now
Where is ALICE?
If you are hiding her, you’ll lose your heads!
Already lost them.


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Early morning reading
Waking up far too early
Waking up far too often
A common side effect I had not been experiencing
I am only drinking 4 beers a night
This morning I cut my antidepressants in half
My brain must have improved on whatever imbalance was holding it back
To suddenly begin getting this side effect
Four days ago

Another Day, Not Dead Yet

Note: this was supposed to publish 5 days ago

Brain scrambling

Physical discomfort

Weird feelings

Not exactly hungover

Only two glasses wine yesterday anyway

Near sleepless

Plus more

Beer helped

But only slightly

Coffee & food kicked it higher

Shower & nap probably

Should have grabbed some pills at studio

Work, soonish

Already one pm

Mechanical Turk or something

With rapid payoff

Happy fun time

Is a no for today

Lion’s Mane & Rhodiola

Perhaps helpful






Seems doubtful

On one round of cards

Meditation & Relaxation

Were indicated

Find phone first

How do I always lose that damn thing?


Getting very soon


(Call doctor & massage people)

, Please