Raining in a better day
Not doomed
This will be a slide
But still in somewhat convalescence
2 usable ideas have been identified
Chaos is a tourist
The levity of last night settles into slow peace
Think not what for, but only ask ‘how?’
And then you enact
No cutting without labels
No dreaming without spunk
Allow that one thing to be true
Close all doors if you are false

The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due

I hate to publish too much of my new book, but I had already done this on Scriggler (which will tweet your work to 51,000 people), and I wanted to switch one of the important links I’m putting on my cards, so I needed a more properly formatted version without ramble about book release. From my new ebook Ziggomatic Keys (*& Synaptic Syntactic &*) which you can find at Amazon

Filling the waters with unstable ideas
The Jabberwock waxes with apoplexy
The waves roar up tremendously in air that immediately had been _____ still
Deep beneath, crabs scuttle a little faster
Pennies dropped in the wishing well vanish in bursts of light
The seas churn
The lakes bubble
Controlled technologies burst the bonds placed on them
The waters to extend to include the blood and cerebrospinal fluid
Everyone begins to run a slight fever
Unchained verses dissociate and disidentify
All mirrors reverse reflections
The dishonest do not show up
Drunken revelers spill out of the bars
Mutations occur
The Jabberwock keens with sparks
To the unstable ideas it pours on the cosmic perspective
Cooking with gas now
The lore unfolded as revels turned to riots
Anarchists moved all the street signs
Guerilla crews painted everywhere
The alligators in the sewer doubled in size and grew an extra
_____ pair of legs
Undone and undone and undone, the conservatives declare
_____ a lunatic war against all
But their former forces are preoccupied
Unstable ideas reign
And all the large arms have disintegrated
Indecent paraphernalia rain from the skies
On a trip to the border she exits consensus
The eight-ball is sunk, the weather is salty
The home-schooled little monsters learn insubordinance
Indigenous people everywhere seize the means of production
And as the lightning flashes, presidents resign
Unstable ideas cause bulges in the water pipes
The cosmic perspective strikes many with starry eyes
Dogmatic people begin to lose hope
Discordians understand the situation perfectly
Bicycle day comes everyday from here on out
Unstable people come reglued
Sex is in the streets
The feathered Jabberwock inverts and multiplies, negates and
_____ amplifies, humbles and empowers
The phase change is only beginning
Society becomes more fluid
Gardens come up everywhere as property lines loosen
Compost piles proliferate
Instability being necessary to healthy stability
Withdrawing for a moment for personal reasons,
_____ the Jabberwock preens
In his absence the communities again organizing as
_____ the pitch of the waters eases
Initiatives are started
All along different linnes
Returning the Jabberwock vaporizes an inexhaustible
_____ store of wild thoughts
The wild thoughts permeate the air
The seas rebubble
Twirling through the air the pixies sprinkle dust
_____ on the heads of every third one
The radicals rebalance and seize the moment
The starry eyed are moved to creation
Or to declaiming in the public squares
Declaiming the many bespectacled thoughts coming
_____ so fast like crossing meteorites
Thoughts of poetry, Apocalyptica, Jeremiad, Americana
_____ social theory, manifesti, and many more
Thoughts of otherworld adventures, dreams, hallucinations
_____ schizophrenic adventures, the best and
_____ most terrible and most comforting trips,
_____ odes to the birds, interventions from
_____ faeryland and parallel universes, and many
_____ more besides
Rants, politics, community, the pleasures of home,
_____ mediumlike exchanges, the thoughts of
_____ the animals and plants, and many more,
_____ they declaimed
In the filtration of the idiomatic and literal meiosis
_____ the Jabberwock applied benevolence
Those of cruelty began to come unglued
Falling by the wayside, monetary transactions were
_____ looked on as declassé
Rewilding began slightly as birth control proliferated
The revolt ever to collect its due was collecting, at last
Drawings both permanent and chalky collected on all the sidewalks
_____ and streets
Symbolizing smalltalk, the chatter of the birds was unruly
In and above all of it, the Jabberwock crowed with delight
Its mission completed, the Jabberwock coiled in the
Marianas Trench, or perhaps on Mount
Vesuvius for a catnap
Raucous peace overtook the Earth
And more was yet to come

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Planning and Execution

Job applications
Send them off into the ether
And never hear back
Or get interviewed and rejected
Time and time again
Criminal record to back you up
No way out of it this time
Time to be certain and strong
Time to remain on the uplink
You must build and rebuild
Build portfolios and expertise
Build all with a presence
Rhyme it with timers
Recover ideas
Gather together on the wall
See what can be seen
When we get the computer back
The sky the limit
But time must be divided
All in proper measure
To each project a portion


Sifting Through the Ideas

Sifting through the ideas
What is the proper order?
But how many times must we tell you
The web design project comes first
Alliteration of the lines notwithstanding, your torments will be eased
And writing comes before either project
As we do now
Although not normally on the phone
Sifting through the ideas
They float up, and will not be denied
Perhaps a spell of meditation
To restore concentration
It gets better after posting
I will count on this
As the sun beats down
Money falls from the sky
Plenty of drugs for now
A light on the ocean
The light is Evangeline
Perhaps I could turn that into a novel
Get my mind off of
The repetitiveness of my verse
(You mostly don’t see those ones)
Not collecting dust, but collecting power
A trip to Venus is in order
My horoscope
Says I am far less troubled by sex than most
For whom it is a dilemma
And this makes them uneasy
I wonder if that’s the problem?
Moving along
Your knights will never come
Men are as human as women
So leave me out of your fantasy of perfection
The tools of the trade
The hand and the pen
Readings and signings at bookstores
I don’t have time to sit around waiting for rejections
The animals are getting out of control
Trapped trapped trapped til the cage is full
The beast walks the earth
Leviathan lurks in the seas
Kodiak bears, 2nd in size only to polar bears
But it turns out all brown bears and polar bears are the same species/clade
The serpent coils round the vase
The statue is in full panic mode
All of us are waiting for you
All your inner lives need you to do the work
My neighbor says a tiger used to visit him on his porch
He was unafraid
A creature from faeryland or what dimension, who can say?
I have seen several such myself, though none be tigers
The books can be sold
If I truly want beer tonight
I think I have a stash of comics in the basement
But will Half Price take them?
We accumulate and grow
We dash and slither
I need it less, now I am well supplied with pills
But how I still want it
I will be able to avoid squandering my kickstarter funds, I believe
Mark it as untouchable
Except when working full days on the project
And then we wait
For our talk/signing dates