In focus, think of god, angels, the multiverse

Typical evening that triphead

Then to retranslate

All into symbols resembling sanity

Visions most fructulous, 5x the usual amount

A repeating new mantra, a very neat word

‘Bonkajeedevi’ follows through

A key to remember a key to remember

A key to remember the things to which one must not forget

A strike of anxiety on come down, a need for ethyl drink

A remembrance here after treatment, once funds exhausted

Never to have a day of such emptiness as the hangover four days later again

“Cunning, baffling, powerful” they say

A truth

Not that the steps are always necessary to work

Reassemble, I need you clear

You have goals

Clear mind, low anxiety

You are in physiological difficulty

It passes, abstract thought problems also

Ethyl drink will sabotage you, most times

Even periods of semi stability

Were bound to slip

Daily drinking,

Always an interference on creativity

Even three drinks of weeknights, too many on weekends

Bound to have spun you out of the job soon

The need of assigning meaning not necessary to mantras,

Remember it always, and remember the loss of time of avoidable sickness

And loss of memory of ethyl drink

Not to be paralyzed in illness,

Seems what is ordered

Such mote it be

And also to recall the Unitarian Panpsychist prayer

To remember that prayers can be answered

And intentions can be set to trips

Work into your process

And blessed be

Although before a thought to not drinking yet,

After the Holy Hangover of Void, a mood to avoid at all costs,

Yet time passes, and temptations are all around

See to it there is not a dose of purple that high again

Uncontrollable anxiety is to be avoided

As are anxieties of the more pedestrian sort..

I cast a sphere, I learn to pray
I pray and invoke over items of power
Using only a stick, a book, and a candle as tools
Collage, passwords and glasses as talismans
Magic on the cheap we say
And I pray also to be of service
Ringing my bells for all to see
To tell it truly the gods will not portray you
I hope with joy the poem does not dispel the power
The magic flies true and I feel great
I meditate mindful
A spell for love, a spell for work, a spell for health and wellness

Another Day, Not Dead Yet

Note: this was supposed to publish 5 days ago

Brain scrambling

Physical discomfort

Weird feelings

Not exactly hungover

Only two glasses wine yesterday anyway

Near sleepless

Plus more

Beer helped

But only slightly

Coffee & food kicked it higher

Shower & nap probably

Should have grabbed some pills at studio

Work, soonish

Already one pm

Mechanical Turk or something

With rapid payoff

Happy fun time

Is a no for today

Lion’s Mane & Rhodiola

Perhaps helpful






Seems doubtful

On one round of cards

Meditation & Relaxation

Were indicated

Find phone first

How do I always lose that damn thing?


Getting very soon


(Call doctor & massage people)

, Please