What is to be done? A message for the left – writeforthemasses

What is to be done? A message for the left “The first thing to do is to organize. The left has been in pieces for decades and this is the best chance to finally unify.” “But the important thing now is to change the future, the future that we believe we deserve we can have […]


Jumping off a bridge Jumping off a building Jumping out a window I gotta go somewhere I gotta go Wastin’ time standin’ here I gotta go Meanwhile, torrential rains lash down I do believe rains would lift my spirit Mixing nicotine fluid with vodka shots I gotta go Find me a revolver Just make this […]

Another Day, Not Dead Yet

Note: this was supposed to publish 5 days ago Brain scrambling Physical discomfort Weird feelings Not exactly hungover Only two glasses wine yesterday anyway Near sleepless Plus more Beer helped But only slightly Coffee & food kicked it higher Shower & nap probably Should have grabbed some pills at studio Work, soonish Already one pm […]