Joyful Earthworms

Diminishment of ties to the mainland
Loss of connexions with the planets surface
Forming independent households and cabals
Here in the winding, turning, ether
Lost to their ships like the Bermuda Triangle
Becoming obscenely joyful with freedom
Twisting apart from one another like sparrows flying in formation
Twisting together like a mass of earthworms in a compost box
Receiving wisdom from our friends and neighbors
Creating truth from the fibers of our hearts

Strikes in the Night

The beastly creatures stalk the Earth
We are not ever watchful
They come and come again
But do not cover yourself in the horrors
Some watch with watchful waiting
Others to be rounded up
The monstrous demagogue will meet his demise
And another will rise to take his place
The victims grieve or die
The end of this challenge not yet in site
Reconciliation and peace in the Muslim world
Not to rescind freedoms
Wherefore the will to end this suffering?
Wherefore the might and goodwill?
Wherefore do we go for allies?
All are with us, or nearly
An end to Israeli oppressions, too
An end to war in Syria

Weaving a Tale Into Dreams

Demonoid walked down to the river bank

Cutting across, his feet on air

He stole up on a protest

Surprised to see, they wheeled

“Of what are thoust making all this racket,” he inquired

Angry to be so rudely interrupted, the protest replied:

“We protest the suppression of the ethereality,

The ideas of the people,

The war against that which makes them whole”

“And what is making this war

And how may I be of assistance?”

The demonoid replied

“The war is of imperialism and capital,

Religion and morality,

Of the institutions and the entertainment,” Said they

“As to assistance,

What power do you have,

Most importuning demonoid?” they went on

He said, “I can weave stories of unwavering poignancy

Tales that become part of realities’ fabric

I have a switch to transport

Through walls unseen,

I can break the minds of the powerful,

Though the outcomes are uncertain

I can transmit my thoughts

Into the dreams of many

And I can make from the Earth

Magical charms”

Leaves fell

The waters ever onrushing

In the sky a hawk

Keeping its eye on things

On the count of four

A band struck up

And the placards waved

In the wind

On the count of 10

The Protest answered back:

“We think we have the most use

For the tales

And for the dream transmission

The people must be reawoken!

They sleep

And in their sleep

The die inside

We must make the people

If we can

Radiantly alive!

Can you do that

O, perhaps useful

importuning Demonoid?”

Demonoid danced a merry little jig

And replying said:

“Let us see what we can come up with!”

Weaving his many colored tale,

He wove the tale of

Electronic Dance Music festivals

Into it he wove of the people

Tearing up the streets

For gardens

He wove of the protest movement

Ousting the manipulators


The tale began to take root

He wove of all faiths

Living in peace

He wove of the anticonsumerist movement

He wove of the politics of anarchy

The councils

The ways of maintaining life

He wove of the rainforests regrowing

And he wove of the ice caps reforming

He wove of cancer and AIDS and herpes cured

He wove of the exposure of the malicious conspiracies

And their subsequent end

He wove of the end of money

He wove all this and more

And he saw that it was good

As the thought of it

Began to take root

In the peoples’ minds

The protest looked on

And also saw that it was good

Looking at Demonoid

They said:

“But why ever

Didst thou not

Do this sooner?”

And Demonoid spake thus:

“Because no one asked me;

I am at play in this world mainly,

Wandering and wondering

At the humans.

They are ever contentious

And the tale only has the power

To change minds”

As the powerful quaked at the thought of it

And the others rejoiced at their new fantasies

The Protest remarked:

“Well, ever you are not the importuner, sweet Demonoid

The dreams of the people are alive again

And we must now move to keep it that way”

And they did

And Demonoid went on about his business

Or play, as the case may be


Casting about for a reason
I sink a plumb line into the firmament
My wings have been cut
But still I build my edifice
In it there will be a menagerie
And a fountain
Exotic birds, an aviary
And a throne room
I am the lord of this, my castle
Yet the animals do not obey my commands
Sinking in flotsam, the crocodile eyes me
Even though I shot him
In the tail
On my throne I command the birds
To sing me
Pop songs
But they persist in their insolence
Of song bird revels
The snake tells me
I must wish away the animals
And build a kingdom of men
If I desire
But instead
I open the cages
And sit in the fountain
A river raft passes
I hail them
Begging a crust of bread
My stores long exhausted
I live on air and sand now
And sweet water
In my secret heart I know
I could rejoin the kingdoms of men
I know not why I resist
Except I am too proud to obey
Perhaps that’s it
As I wander in the desert
I hear the Lord’s voice
But it does not match up
With the beating of my heart
In time I wonder
How I came to this flooded chamber
But my thirst is great
And I do not trouble myself about it
I grew an orchard once
At first the trees produced thistles
But I watered each with drops
Of my own blood
And thereafter there was fruit
In my orchard there were rats and mice
I taught them to dance
And set snares
For the monkeys who stole my fruit
The fruit did not provide protein
I roasted the monkeys
The rats and mice remained loyal
Thus did I conceive
That I might have a kingdom of animals
I was deceived
I should have known what was
The first few animals obeyed
Until they saw me kill a monkey
Thereafter the herbivores were obstinate
And the carnivores sought to be
My cronies
I had to cage them all
This was the beginning of the end
After the release
I made a brass leopard
To keep me company
It did not serve
After the flood, starving
I was caught stealing olives and oranges
I was whipped
Someone took pity on me and offered me room and board
For work
In my hunger I could not refuse
I had to obey
Or be exiled to the desert
Having lost my sovereignty
My mind began to dwindle away
As I was but a cog
In an industrial machine
But still I existed
I lost my feet and hands to obedience
But still I existed
I lost my eyes and ears to silence
But still I existed
What little conscience I had shrank away
But still I existed
My heart became stony
But still I existed
But still I existed
Soon I was like a golem
I did not think of my actions, I just did
I did not see their fruits, I just did
I did not think whether my enslavement was right
I did not feel, I just did
A little piece of my mind remained
When I was going to sleep at night, I felt it
My dreams were inflamed, but I never remembered
I was a crust of mind
Drifting on a stream
Soon to become waterlogged, and sink
Oh, to be a mote in black oblivion
To have no thoughts
To be
At peace
One day I woke to find
I had a tail, and fur
The orchard had no place for monkeys
I was driven off
Free again
But in fear for my life
I remembered
Men were creatures to fear
A piece of me still hung on
Grimly determined
I went on my merry way
Part happy,
Part grim
The other monkeys threw shit at me
Perhaps remembering
When I had trapped, and eaten them
I became a monkey mind in truth
Almost forgetting my past personality
At the moment the change was complete
I was caught, and killed
And roasted


under the wailing wall

we lie in wait

for western warriors waving wands

under the moon’s eyes we see the light

we watch the programs and see a vapid society

we read the rare pages and we see the freedom of possibility

unrealized except among a few choice clusters

but then

there are the others

who is to say they are not also doing something to keep back the violent

where are we in this strange land of 2014

where everything is on edge

and all the thoughts are in play?

(if not all the actions)

where is the moon; it has vanished

where is the earth; we find only vagueness

where is the .