In Spite of Contradiction…

There were collections of angels disguised as beggars going about, shoring up the levies, getting the ration of beer, and breakfast, like the rest of us, though many took more complex tasks… There were silent lookouts searching the skies and waves, variously for signs of approaching relief or rogue waves, or signs and portents, or […]

A saintly gesture leaves us guessing The timepieces all began to ring Our dust called to us to reduce The dream of the hurricane and floods washing away all our cities and ships Later, in speedboats, we tear through the water at 2000mph Down the last remaining strip of land, all paved over, in a […]


+D non serviam niceties + development privilege of self no starvation class uncertain until time knows [high] water rises rises high in the time the time of the revolts the cycle of surveillance the time when all freedom rises as one the time I issue no challenge not out of class but because of solitude […]