United thoughts remove the blocks
Brick by brick taking Down the walls that surround
The heart of dust ignites
Not one to be outdone the other relaxes his grip
Seeing forward and making it real
Extending gripping arms in every direction
Seeing not the thoughts of shadow
Killing all that stands in the way of bliss
The hearts and nerves begin to beat all in time
Seizing mightily, injuries all around
A grip is regained and consciousness again expands

Wait and Let the Words Arise

Register your typewriters, carriage return, no character

Engines running, I, split in two, diverge down forked paths

Pistosn pound my corneal lens, heart beats, the exhiliration of risk

Type the transgressive words, mouth tight, drawn, high

Breath of intoxicating vapor, draw the lines out like glass threads

Beading crystals hiving off like sweat, scattering on the desk

The desk, the landscape of my life, forming beady landmarks, roadmaps of shards

fast, the suffering, tearing with the effort, pushing the mind into the page

Threads of agony, like bliss, like molten glass, like jagged edges

I move the pen across the page, resistance melts away, bird-like, flick out the words

Derivatives, the slant and slope of mind, waves and floats, glides

Derivatives, refinements, like butane derives from oil or gas, purified, crystallized, and concentrated

Rocks, blackened, cinders of wizened old cedar stumps, charcoal like artist’s vine

Vines, like veins, wrapping the arms of the new tower

Projections of steel without purpose, except of which to be said, “She’s a looker”

Rikers Island bars cannot hold the written, spoken word

Of which let it be said, there can be too much, but also too little

Let not the quest for zen sting us into silence, but rejoice, behold, The Word!

Most magnificent of all creations, surpassing smartphones and surgery

The sustaining word on which our world depends, by which we share our visions, by which our minds are intimately linked

Divergence, convergence, metastasis, stillness; our mediating medium would like, has spoke

As our minds be one this night, let none sunder our hearts

ghosts in the machine, fireworks, and a first tattoo

I dont have the cash, passports or friends to get near any hotspots myself

I don’t have to decide about the military with

various psychiatric issues so

I’ll just keep telling stories until

someone can see something more



3 of my computers went out yesterday

one way or another

had to return the bum tablet

get a laptop

this UEFI is not my cup of tea

havent got linux on here yet …

bottle rockets to summon djinni

I can get you admitted to medevac

no weapons here though

home is hexed or anyway some energetic cleaning is in order

smudged it with sage, but a pro is needed

headed out of state for a job

no tickets til morning though

I sit until tired

tattoo of keys to always remind me

in this chaos there is a way for me

something needs me here

and forget the cynics

its time

You Tube favorites compilation

[note on the fire wands: there is always a string, though prisna might fool you]

(do not watch if the word ‘devil’ is an allergen)

(same lady w/ NIN)

(NIN just like you imagined + fire)

(prisna + burning man)

(less known regina spektor song [I was there, but do not entirely recall])

(one which has been stuck in my head for a day)

(beardyman in drag)




(chemical brothers)

(what that silverchair guy has been up to since then)

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=lolcode (etc)

{[thtas all for noew]}