Obsess about other things if not that one, on and on and on and on…
Yet the right answer never seems to emerge
Suggestions and faintings, see how far your fretting and upset takes you…
May be nought but naught…
Differing over the cases of time…
***dwells on whether they even noticed the things were said hours and hours before, and not after***
One thing leads to another, I suppose…
It is all so frightfully tiresome to have in mind
Or on, , they think he’s just ever so boring in his posts these days
Or on , ,they just have other occupations
The cards will not, in these cases, give easy solutions, yet I have not arrived at the hard one they ask me…
Inflammation, very well, very well, carry on, carry on, without me, then, there there now, yes

From my Facebook


Fantasies and intentions do not necessarily overlap
Not the same thing and do not be concerned
Twinkling eyes full of mischief showed us the way, and while the lithe dryads gather
mischievous thoughts to their pocketses and thighs, not all of them were of the
weather of lust
In your heart, remember these things:
. . . . . Nine before seven were the ways to Sunday
. . . . . Three types of toe curls were known from the start
. . . . . Elation by connection is one way to know others
. . . . . Do not let friendships fall into disuse

Each small child has a faery guide in addition to the biggest fans
None take care of business in quite the way poets do
Grave insults not appreciated and should be frowned upon
Yet all above the weather was the possibility of open relationships
Clues to the wise and rancor for the enemies
Yet always the chance of reconciliation
Closure is not yet
The dreams gather and network in the parallel city of night across all distances
Do not close the possibility of new deepening and desires among yourselves
Read “Make Magic of Your Life” by T. Thorn Coyle
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The Method of Proxy Sea

Some thought to non-diminishment
Some challenges for the Faeries
Tools for reworking the world
Rebuilding in a new image
Some thought to privacy
“The stealthiest forefinger is a proxy sea” -@tribalephemeral
The method of wordpress
The method of facebook
The method of twitter
The method of tumblr
The method of minds contacting each other in dreams
The method of amplification
The method of email
The method of bitly
The method of the sidewalk chalk and bulletin boards
The method of word of mouth
To each his own
But I take all of these in
I use what is at my disposal
The oxygen catastrophe
Must not occur
So saith I
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DXM (Diminishment of Terms)

Also posting to erowid and facebook and twitter and tumbler and scriggler

even after fifty
trip limit. still
mildly psychedelic
with meditation
300 mg level
15-16 years of use
withe technology work
and text messaging
I can assess the line
breaks when i get
short pages
still having coherent
verbal thought forms
in and out of meditation
last time i submitted
15 years ago (no less
but i feel like it
typing not yet
poet by trade
suspected us government
technology project
experience with psychosi
at least four times although
only out of hospital
once for seven days
dream telepathy
scientific studies in the
dont need long pages
don’t need typing
thought break
although sick
just barely
beta glucan
no aniracetam today
climate change project
postcards social media
diminishment of terms
easy to spell non immersive
some dissociative
no real visuals
meditation timer just
went off
is the size of notebooks
changing or jus me?
didnt check today at
drug store
fast response climate change
punk rock poetry pitches
at bar with climate
change project
no money no plastic
long time
art school
later design arts technology
can assess line breaks when
get back
visions many in dreams
vocoders officedepot
military transcription
visual synaesthesia
nonstandard spelling or
diminishment of terms
keep spelling focus
vision declining
not dream telepathy
loss of keys
not remembering where
dreams wake up burning of libraries
advanced consciousness
just put pen cap on
legalize all drugs
not a radical agenda
What have you
Phamaceutical advisoryes
Do most people need advice
from pharmacist?
Not me
Assess line breaks later
Uncertain location
one less empty
what have you writer
diminishment of terms
no three hoooked m
on keyboard
eyes blur
Though break
Painful auditory buzz
goto blog and erowid
blog password changed!
phone internet fail
the moth story slam louisville
a bit
august moon
nocoders rocoders
friends mail server attacked
beaten to death
ok now i think check phon
uncertain t+
text to mom
attempt text line breaks
break check research chems

slightly off center press
does erowid take .doc
or internet text or

if anyone is looking
to start in network
bookstores only carmichaels
and others no
paranoid mail checks
or postcards yet
government conspiracy
theory office depot
remotes to phones
diminishment of terms
move to table no mom
texts of feelys
emotion even
slipping in and out of
5 mine medittion timer
spinflips switchflips
“as you disintegrate”
rational trip
dissociative motion
decision to keep in
psychedelic poetry
use drug names
in school text
high school
of lsd psilocybin visuals
mescaline ayahuasca
native american church findable online
travel costs
host a white person?
no black market
sad me pot only
check research chemicals
get first paycheck
trust fund
down to 48k
parent control
neat handwriting
question pens
do diaGNOSIS
no, schizophrenia diagnosis
diagnosis not
keep addictive drugs
DXM addiction?
Just alcoholism cigarettes
penheindbut phenibut
either alcohol or phenibut
not both no money
need sharpies
should have three
Joe kid 20 thief
notebook and cds or just maybe?
No not so crazy
nothing gone up my nose
lo these many
dont recall any
dont recall coke
opiates high school
psychedelic lightweight
no many years gone
give me 2cb
research chemical
understand how to proceed
psychedelic schizophrenia
dont write that
no studies ongoing
who doctors or me?
I say I no schizo
doctor say twice
water salaries maps
make the call
blog post erowid
see visions first poet
many called such
no difficulty finding things
preponderance of spoons votes
hard disc in the radio
visions of death?
Not net yet
Climate rage. diminishment
of terms to facebook,
also wordpress
also tumblr twitter but not posted
psychedelic dxm poetry and
medittion hat no secretsbut
dream telepathy
remeditate short page trip
report verse later erowid dxm
no sick

Questions, Your Thoughts?

Pondering some things, the oracle suggests that I reach out for help to friends…. I would love to discuss your answers if you would like to share thoughts on the questions below or any other thoughts.

1. How can I reach a wider audience? This question has multiple parts.
—- So far I have sold 8 copies of my ebook and only managed to give away five during the 5 KDP free days I’m allotted during each 90 day period. This despite giving away pretty cards with the title, sidewalk chalk, Google Adwords, Facebook announces, amazon ads, a couple open mics, WordPress announces, my website, and beginning to be active on twitter. I think all the paid ones have been family. I may have some reviews forthcoming from contacts made through (think I’ve got that right), but they are not out yet, and with my experiences so far it is hard to think about real success. There were no conversions from any of my plugs on WordPress, btw. (Looking for amazon reviews! be the first!). Also should I cancel Kindle Select so I can go to other marketplaces and platforms?
— I suppose more ads in combination with existing reviews may help.
— So that is one part of the question. How do I sell people on poetry ebooks?
—- How can I reach a wider audience? It just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I could more effectively use advertising by advertising for example my twitter, and then plugging my book regularly while keeping people interested with my twitter poems. I have been steadily adding followers (from a base of two, up to I’m not sure but perhaps 14) on twitter and going up and down by one on here (having taken 3 years to reach the current 317)… I don’t want to puff up my Facebook friend list. I like it how it is and don’t want to go adding all the people from high school, middle school, acquaintances etc. I was off it for four years for a reason. I don’t currently have anything in the bank for more advertising, though…
— What ideas do you have to expand my followings faster?

2. Thoughts on my work. Strengths, weaknesses, eccentricities, places where it gets monotonous? I will of course not take your word as gospel, but I will listen to and consider all critiques. What am I doing well? What grabs you about my work? What is limiting my appeal and is it something I ought to change, or just part of being different?

3. A friend tells me some of my work ought to be submitted to European surrealists presses (in particular As You Disintegrate). Does anyone have names of any of these, as she has so far not deigned to give me any?

4. It is exhausting looking at the online samples of literary journals to see if I would be a good fit, which the experts say you ought to do before submitting, particularly when I do not fit most of the ones I look at as far as I can tell. Any recommendations?

5. Since I am saving a lot of my work to keep offline and use for submissions now, there is little going up here (although I have been doing twitter poems @tribalephemeral). I suppose I should post a bit more regularly, but it’s hard to let go of things I have just written out of nowhere, so I will now ask for any requests for prompts or topics you’d like to see, and those ones will go up on here for sure, and I’ll leave a note on your most recent post letting you know when yours is up (odd how has no private message feature, is it not?)

That is all I can think of for now. I’ll put a condensed version of my questions on facebook and twitter too. Also, please follow my facebook page, Lostinmist! And if anyone is a Tumblr, I’m at Tribal Ephemeral and have no Tumblr followers yet! I look forward to any and all answers or other comments and suggestions and observations. Have a nice night.

Social Media (Updated)

I think that since I got back on facebook (after 4-5 years) and twitter, the shorter forms they encourage are improving my writing. But I left my computer in my Mom’s car so I can’t copypaste to show you right now [fixed]. Check this post for updates probably within a couple hours give or take if you’re interested. Not that I’m garnering tons of likes over there, as some folks do here on wordpress… but I only have forty facebook friends (and I like it better with this limited exposure though I may have to hide Patrick if he keeps posting every found or lost animal his shelter hears about and stuff that is just drek for me) and they’re not poets. And five twitter followers (but up from two last week). Maybe i’ll publish a book of facebook poems one day.

The silence of the breath / Is as the quiet of a rushing river / I dream beyond calmness / I sink into peace / I am only that which I am

The trouble with angels
Is that they look like the homeless
Hopping out of the box
One becomes variegated
Returning, they fizz and flutter
Cooking up, they resemble all the misplaced things
Violets betoken scurrying feet

A tremor runs through the dust / Sandworms fast approaching / The heat of passion rises up / Selecting your moment to take flight

The killer bees
Lurk in your drain pipes
Waiting for the slightest aroma of old fruit
To strike
But on the other end
Among the green lightning
The piskies await your return
When coming by thence
Release red balloons
But when going by hence
Go waify and wan

Making code like a pot of coffee / grind to bits, then drip, drip infuse into / transmuting dross of characters into fluid grace

In the disintegrations of the Pastafarians
A light goes out on a nearby street corner
Their chains stretch and thin before snapping
In the unleashed dark they ramble and roam
Encountering their voices, you become eerie
Walking until you meet one,
You see the face of your totem
Recounting the verses thus:
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