More Beautiful Dreams

Each become two in the night
One on the opposite side
Sending back and forth
Populating Mars with the green cells
Where only two had been before
Spreading the aloe buds everywhere,
Just in case they would grow in the cold desert
Helping the priestess give birth
After we had snuck out of the compound to spread them
The Martians were most grateful
The Mammoths teeth had retained some of our DNA
And insect helpers
The American Indians held them sacred
Would take them. A solid couple weeks. To transmute to metal.
The arena was filled with gold and other things
The playing field had been converted into a DIY monument to the Earth
The Earth herself.
The child ran along the roof, where the Starry Sky had been painted
Over and Over
Within the environment…
The war machine had been stopped,
At least for the moment
It was only just a video game after all,
Or was it?
But it still sought to seize the title
Hence the monuments,
To conceal and protect
The father yells not to run
Among the plants and the party
Where we and the Martians had gathered and met
It was uphill and hardwood floored
But I thought to myself
“Who says this is an airport?”
The queen and the princess
Thinking of exchanging men for politics…
I returned to them and said,
“Age difference counts for something”
And the situation was resolved
To everyone’s happiness
Someone asked me how darkness of skin affected attractiveness
But I interpreted it to mean, how attractiveness and physical beauty were related
Saying for me, I still like to have both
Although this may still be some flaw
The boxes and boxes of checked whiskey
At the top of the runway
I thought my gin might have been taken from my bag
But almost saw it, trying not to steal
Before I awoke
As the trucks and forklifts moved about
The place turned into a great greenhouse
As our speakers, not all human, I saw among the Martians,
They were applauded and extolled
As I went in to use the restroom
The store was open at 4 in the morning
Someone had taken my coat,
But I was leaving with my parents in the cold
Backing in to the warehouse,
I found that it all hung together through the multidimensional space

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My Patreon Poetry/Climate Project (Please Donate and Support my Work!)
New Study Shows Climate Change Could Suffocate Life on Earth (Leicester University)
3 Reasons the Paris Climate Deal is a Fraud (ROAR Magazine)
The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore


One. Simple. Thing.

Sharpening the pencils
And then re-tracing the vibes
Alerts ripple through your being
And all your escapes are locked off
One way on the planet
One way to survive
One way to thrive
Now that you know

My Patreon Poetry/Climate Project (Please Donate and Support my Work!)

New Study Shows Climate Change Could Suffocate Life on Earth (Leicester University)

3 Reasons the Paris Climate Deal is a Fraud (ROAR Magazine)

The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore

Many thanks to Don Sloan Blog Main Blog for being the first donor and the first reviewer of my book.



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Many thanks to Don Sloan Blog Main Blog for being the first donor and for being the first reviewer of my ebook!


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Exit traumatic vigilance in the pocket demonization of innocents bring your arms violence and destruction last chance to save the cold dead rock rock on diminish and discover revolt and rejoice rediscover and be free visions of demons and multidimensional puzzles exit through the dream world visions and destruction visions and violence trauma and panic revolt and rejoice build and destroy grow the integral trees and become rescind and rebind lie and deceive fly and fall zero in and kill live on the edge for once Rise Up and Die Rise Up and Die the zero hour is come live for it, live as you have never lived before lie and deceive intervene and subterfuge sabotage and attack protest and riot, in the comparative quiet of the riot, you exult. with the riot you exult. echo, echo echo but do not deceive do not diminish do not dream but be do not do violence but work life work magics majestic and claim your power. Lie or do not, the choice is yours. The rock is dead if you do not rise….

We are here to change the world. Not just follow rules, make money, and die. — Red and Black Anarchists on facebook


My time

We walk

The Earth


The candle flame

The rising incense smoke

The cigarette

The figurine


One cup of green tea with sugar

One cup of black coffee, black

On a dark, rainy morning in April

Breathe in, Breathe out

Dripping hot water


Cleanse the energy


Luxuries undreamed

In other parts, places, times

Simple food

and water


We are very rich, absurdly

Tablet, code, laptop, pc, music player

Gorging an acre of coffee every year


One dollar, one quarter

Life & freedom to peasants in Yunus’ scheme

Temporary peace to dependent alcoholics in britain


beneath notice

carelessly strewn on the floor

collected in jars

tens and hundreds of thousands in accounts

we are very rich indeed


driving-burning up without thought

vegetables left to rot


efficiency is not easy

it takes patience

changing regular expressions of behavior

bringing consciousness into the equation

we are not responsible for all, no

don’t be drowned in enormity

habits take patience

infrastructure takes money & work

in our moneyed society



refrigerators, appliances, art

dirt, soil, water, earth, cloth


checking ego positives

also lets us check ego negatives & pains

running water wheels turn

Cosmic laughter of games, the way

The life

The integral cosmos


Life as a complete expression

 not just a term ‘ ‘ ‘ <___||

Bioelectric Hologram Network

Large systems

of complex rules

coded top down

poorly followed

poorly conceived


No matter how careful

complexity control



Multitude of agent actors

five-finger simple rules

Replicant patterns emergent

order the implicate

polarities align

via clustering feedback


Ripstop stitching

one by one we piece it

brick by grain

chip by axon

atom by tower


Simple rules,

complex flow and geometry

One step to change

One step to solidity


Explicit code statement

for you to write and share

by acting, speaking, flowing



One day

we all entrain

to truth