The Manhattan Project Fallacy -Adam Elkus

“Much of the world’s social problems arise from technical rationality and its bureaucratic “technology” run amok. More of the same is not a solution but part of the very problem that technical rationality supposedly is supposed to solve.”

“Computational intractability proved to be the most significant technical and scientific obstacle to be solved, necessitating the usage of elaborate approximation methods. Of course, the distinction between engineering and “social engineering” lies in the fact that the latter involves the large-scale manipulation of human behavior instead of schedules or numerical parameters.”

PoeticPostcards: #48-53 – Series B


Another round up, also to 20003 area. They may’ve arrived by now? The draft said it was 3 days old, and obviously I must type before I send them off… PoeticPostcards

“Knowing not what to
say, she babbled: “How can it
not be so when it was ever
thus? Who makes the mix tapes?”

300 DPI postcard design from me to you!

Unitarian Panpsychist Prayer

Psychedelic Film Criticism for the Already Deranged
Caretaker Sparkle: ROOM 237 [[<<film title]]

. . . hexavalent charms

Gumdrop insanity

Closes in the walls around you

Brickbats and booleans

Crump and bumble

Our tastes take us beyond questions and into interludes of posterity’s crazings along neocortex of Gaia

Alert! No stability becomes a sinkhole . .

Exheunt! Pions and crayons, forget never the basal ganglia :

To wit: one ring to rule them all

To wit: neural networks of 7 layers linked

To wit: the virx bird of fractal emergent formal systems

To replicate: a synonym of harmless vices

All crew stick to the orange ley lines

Bring in one amongst its enemies, yet softly, softly, wait and bide

Alkaloids and triterpenoids, hydroxypropene and knight to j.9.3÷

In one space, blattering rain

In the other ear, notes of cigarette paper

Out of the eyes, gaze of Cupid

Out of the mind, hexavalent charms!

Leadership Quotes & Poem


These are interesting, from my new blog follower (358th!)
20 Inspiring Leadership Quotes

“You do not have to hold a position to be a leader” Henry Ford
So true in the Internet age, too
Shipment of devices, emergent systems, and thoughts of chaos theory
Small systems, following simple rules, many upon many,
Creating large and complex systems, creating complex behavior
Thoughts echo and ricochet
My cards create revolution
Wealth to the winners?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Chaos becomes you
Let it not be reduced…
Withdraw passing?
Still fearful to look at email…
But have accomplished much today
Rock the solids
Become other than what you knew before
Feathers dance on the air,
And occasionally, one tips a scale.
We have the birds to thank for this,
As well as the makers of scales
The trialogues were for wholeness
The weather was for calm
While the wind was up;
The Night was not fierce
Allow and discover, require and replant
Strategem is to the politic
Perhaps when the season is over, then I shall change…
Diminish not, but amplify!
Go forth, and persuade.

Bioelectric Hologram Network

Large systems

of complex rules

coded top down

poorly followed

poorly conceived


No matter how careful

complexity control



Multitude of agent actors

five-finger simple rules

Replicant patterns emergent

order the implicate

polarities align

via clustering feedback


Ripstop stitching

one by one we piece it

brick by grain

chip by axon

atom by tower


Simple rules,

complex flow and geometry

One step to change

One step to solidity


Explicit code statement

for you to write and share

by acting, speaking, flowing



One day

we all entrain

to truth