Climate Change Polemic

Tearing through the fabric of apathy
One goes up against much
The apoplectic deniers
The people who cannot be bothered
Our ways are too weak
We cannot change
Nothing can give us the strength
I say to you,
We will have it
But will it come in time
To avoid the worst?
The totems are all different
The mystic has less meaning for many
But we must remain strong in our resolve
Not to be hypocritical
But to act as we ought to act
Take the actions
Make the protests
Inspire the politicians to will
Yet also the corporations
When the quarterly profit is All,
How can they be made to change
They must
We must take things in hand
Stereophonic wires
Plug into the messaging systems
While we still have
Our electricity and mechanization
Why can we not move towards solutions faster?
It is because of the monetary system
As we see with Greece
The spell of money remains too strong
People still believe it has Real Reality
When will we see
The end of money?
Over the land and through the weather
We ride in our insulated boxes
There are other possibilities
There could be a second
Hydrogen sulfide catastrophe
As the anoxic zones
Of the oceans grow larger
The carbon piles up
The soils deplete
The aquifers are pumped out
The system reels ever closer
To ever more drastic changes
Yet until we develop more energy
And bring down population growth
Through education and rising incomes
How will we change?
The problems of incomes and educations are key
We know births go down as they increase
And it is not as we can just solar power away
All our impacts
And yet
The system is intractable
Everyone has to borrow their money from someone
Wealth cannot just be created
There is incentive to hoard it
And people duly do so
And yet
There is hope
So where do we go from here?
What is your answer for something to do now?
Please comment
And by the way:
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Economics of Well Being

errrrmm … Controversial

Having forgotten what we were going to write, and then that magnesium kicked in and made me all sleepy, this serving will be somewhat more chaotic and emotional than originally planned:

Half-broken girders hang sullenly over the landscape

As the chopper gunships fly over head

Ripping to shreds the tailings of the rights we held

We fight in the streets and destroy the enemies of the people


But no we aren’t really that sort of people ha,ha are we?

We’re nice people from the suburbs

I mean we just don’t DO things like that ha,ha,ha

What do you think we are, a bunch of terrorists?


Well let me tell you, babe, anyone opposing the enforcement apparatus in the street

IS a terrorist, or can be if they feel like it

Anyone opposing them with the pen is ‘radical’ ‘communist’ ‘gay agenda’ ‘loser’ or what-have you

The system knows how to disclaim itself and maintain itself

We are but Earth, as are they


But those of us here do not take orders

and sometimes the others do take orders, bad orders

being in an organized killing machine as a job has its way with people

as does jailing, assuming power over the lives of another

as does our abstracted economic system

where number gamers give all the orders from a distant citadel


never seeing the blood or the pain they cause


most however just put up with it….

got to save for retirement and keep up that health insurance,

you know

dont we all




Not exactly what I was expecting; may have to do another


My time

We walk

The Earth


The candle flame

The rising incense smoke

The cigarette

The figurine


One cup of green tea with sugar

One cup of black coffee, black

On a dark, rainy morning in April

Breathe in, Breathe out

Dripping hot water


Cleanse the energy


Luxuries undreamed

In other parts, places, times

Simple food

and water


We are very rich, absurdly

Tablet, code, laptop, pc, music player

Gorging an acre of coffee every year


One dollar, one quarter

Life & freedom to peasants in Yunus’ scheme

Temporary peace to dependent alcoholics in britain


beneath notice

carelessly strewn on the floor

collected in jars

tens and hundreds of thousands in accounts

we are very rich indeed


driving-burning up without thought

vegetables left to rot


efficiency is not easy

it takes patience

changing regular expressions of behavior

bringing consciousness into the equation

we are not responsible for all, no

don’t be drowned in enormity

habits take patience

infrastructure takes money & work

in our moneyed society



refrigerators, appliances, art

dirt, soil, water, earth, cloth


checking ego positives

also lets us check ego negatives & pains

running water wheels turn

Cosmic laughter of games, the way

The life

The integral cosmos


Life as a complete expression

┬ánot just a term ‘ ‘ ‘ <___||