Bottles up & open

Step left or right

Let no one see you stumble

Instagram perfect life

Triazolam & dextro amphetamine & zolpidem & fluoxetine & nicotine & diacetylmorphine & caffeine & ibuprofen & THC

Band gap sudden springboard

‘allo old boy what’chu need?

Mostly postage, peace, & quiet

Stretch symbols to break & hybridize

Stop to flourish, 4 days, then stop, wilt & rot once more

Rapid cycles of effervescence

Try not to speak too softly not too loud

Not to lie down not make yourself a bullseye…

Magic Star Time

Unlikely to BE any Magic Star Time today
The dose is too small
All I could afford
But there certainly was yesterday
The aniracetam not cancelling the dextromethorphan
As you might expect
Perhaps even Amplifying?
We’ll see in a little while
Bringing the doses closer together
Smidgen of strange feelings lingering in my head
Tremendous thoughts found
It crept up on me yesterday
I kept thinking, well it’s less than expected
Until, then it wasn’t
And I had to admit I had the full effect
Possibly more….
Happy days
Little beer, but some
Trade-offs and compromises
Cards VERY favorable for dosage
Do not disconnect
Love is in the air
But perhaps with the seeds?…
Then may we have victory?
Cards extremely favorable again
Although they may be cancelled by the venlafaxine
We’ll see, we’ll see indeed
Couple hours to soak
We’ll see
Bit of creeping headache
See where this goes
Delight I already feel rising
Perhaps a different sort of Magic Star Time,
After All
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The locks can be picked, but only with care
This is my last will and testament
Seven droplets fall
Islands of sanity sigh
Walking, talking, Lee
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Psychiatric Drugs Being Prescribed to Babies…/Psychiatric-drugs-being-prescribed-…

Many experts say that the rise in the use of all psychotropics in children of all ages derives from the scarcity of child psychiatrists — only 8,350 practice in the United States, many of them with long waiting lists and higher cost than a family’s established pediatrician.

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Snails go racing down DNS trees
Whales go pacing by porkers with bees
Symbols of longing and night to repair
Evils incumbent and people who dare
Liars resending all of their threats
Magistrates talking of judicial bets
Meaning fixed once and meter fixed twice
Aliens eat pumpkins and children and lice
Finding your boss alone in the steamer
Finding your nightshade and thus your redeemer
Holly-go-lightly and dumpy old Phyllis
Hawkeye and Pumpkin and don’t forget Willis
The eels reply with some GIFs of their own
The nightmares take stock and send bots to dethrone
The angels are beaming down boxes of light
The wendigos are throwing their weight with their might
Tripping with jellies and tripping with beans
Shooting with methods, ascending in means
All against one, and one against once
Truly believing that god never punts
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Some challenges to overcome

A load of web technologies I’m not motivated enough to learn

The cleaning of this disastrous house

Making an internet dating profile

Haven’t meditated in a month or more

Haven’t exercised in a month or more

Drinking beer before work (although my performance is actually better, I’m sure the managers can smell it)

Catching up with all my untriaged and untyped verses

Getting together a coherent book for the Omnidawn contest

Getting my postcards printed

Getting my business cards printed

Getting some sidewalk chalk

Getting a real job or at least one that isn’t minimum wage

Figuring out where to send those postcards

Building out my personal website more

Using my twitter account

Linking all of my expressive accounts for marketing

Carmichael’s books consignment program

Getting my book or books printed on demand with title on spine

Reading the 4 self publishing books I weaseled Mom into getting me

Waiting for my first paycheck at Domino’s

Promoting those books with my various accounts, contacts, bulletin boards, and other means

Starting a meetup poetry group ($72 for six months if you want to start a group as opposed to just join (free))

Getting a handle on the routines so that this all is doable

Getting a handle on either sleeping well without beer or having money for beer left at 10 every night

Washing a lot of laundry

Clearing away the trashbags

Washing the sheets blankets and pillows

Making clear to my cousin he may not stay more than two months before he moves in

Reliable eating with food I can stand

Not getting 86ed from any more places

Countering the slanders that follow me

Not snorting too many of my antidepressants so I don’t run out before months end

Quitting smoking

Avoiding damage to my heart

Getting a real relationship, or some satisfying part time ones

More real friends

And now I go to see my neighbor who will criticize me for drinking before work

Sleeping on the nuclear switch
The cicadas buzz up a storm
A summer heat of bliss
Dissociative ecstacy lying in the grass
In the dark of the night the black cat roams free
Sniffing around the garden of weeds, then disappearing into the dark
Standing in the doorway as I wake at 9 am
We all go through the spiralling trials of life and also the spiralling realizations
Depersonalization disorder should plague the oppressors more and the oppressed less
Although there are good kinds of depersonalization, not disorders
Searing the visual cortex with a sun fired perception of beauty with a side of beer and cigarettes
The cat finds her courage
Bigots against the mentally ill and outsiders infest the local coffeehouse
Deeply unimpressed I take my business elsewhere
Realizing that I was not imagining them continually gossiping about me
Little birds flitter in the street; get out of the way of the oncoming car, you little fools
Overcast and bright today
And it is time to shower and get coffee (elsewhere)

Draft volume of love poetry and inner thoughts delivered to the crush, check
Drinks, no check
Working on my third volume or fourth, no check
2nd most importantly, cleaning, no check
Of very little significance, shower, no check
Cough syrup, no check
2nd most importantly, delivery to and chat with my neighbor, check
Breakfast, check
5.5/8 pages writing, check
Videogame, no check
Good vibrations, check
Weekend cravings, check
Blog post, check