Bad Dreams

Plaintext of the dreaming
Riding up a waterfall
Always out of place
Failing at tests
Unable to complete
The merry go round of gears
A strange thing to master
Evasive yet unmoving
Attempt to fly off the bleachers
Elevating like a boss
Not in my ticket tonight

Plastic Blocks

Bundling packets of powder
Up early and 32% in
The strangest dream
Everything disintegrates into plastic blocks, still having personalities
One president shot by his candidate-brother
A failed space shuttle launch
And we pick the next one before this even takes office
At the end all swearing allegiance to the tree of life
And kingship was not handed down by the gods
Ending your entreaties you make your own way
Humility a virtue?
Be proud of who you are
What is the next man proud of?
The clanking of the irons forever hurting your ears
Time to say enough, and spring free

The video played on
Eons and eons of histories, psychedelic and dissociative universes passed
The simulacrum was in the form of a south park special,
Reminding me of a trip past
Space battles at the roof of the universe in an ancient era
The cops found the stash at the trailer
Healing energy pouring through me in my sleep-within-sleep
Turns into back pain and demon possession
I insist that if my mom is going to do acupressure on me that I pick the points
But the map of points is transcoding in front of my eyes
My parents escape the cops by boat but the cops never saw them
M finds a cigarette still burning in the trailer and says he knows who his man is
What kind of person has their name on their cigarettes?

We all the small ones dreamed of our deaths
We dreamed of our deaths and in the rambling of picotant demonoid would heard of our ways and means
We all the small ones were not frightened
Death is but a return of consciousness to the great, a scattering of photons
We the elaborate focusing devices dreamed, and in dreaming, we saw, and in seeing, we did, and in doing, we dreamed, and again in dreaming, we inflated, and in inflating, we lased,  and in lasering,  we untangled,  and in untangling, we floated
Of all the many verbing we were doing, of but one we stood out: in greening, we freed, in freeing, we greened.
And but then, the hatted persons came upon us and inquired of that to which we were accomplishing
We spake thus:
/ever into the light we toil
/ever into the dark we dream
/till the stones and till the soil
/even unto eventide, we do ever thus
/and it was ever thus so
/but see disclaimer
They further asked our multiplexed being of which, the how we might, in the course of things, and as it was ever thus, and thus and so, and sometimes other, be then or now, somehow doing
And we spake thus:
/in the ever turning evening
/we blossom ever into thus
/and seeing our terrors not upon us,
/we rest merrily
/and seeing our lives blossom;
/we dream into darkness,
/and dreaming into darkness
/we meet of and chatter with, the ever thus-and-so demonoid picotent
The noble personages did a shuffle. Lighting a cheroot, they exclaimed that it was ever so splendid and marvelous
With the noble personages we shared some pieces of our minds
We took arm in arm and walked off towards the sunset
We would introduce our new associate to the most picotant demonoid
And it was ever thus and so

Dream Movie

The dream movie
I was greatly enjoying
This 4am awakening
Fluttering up past the mental barriers
Into this heated 4am bedroom
I wish for more sleep
But the double dose of anti-d
Makes this impossible
Whipped cream litters my house
I must put a stop to this
Call one of those AA guys
In ‘Once’
By Meghan O’Rourke
‘My Life as a Subject’
And ‘My Life as a Ruler’

Bubbling Up

Out of the cracks of malice comes
A brace of shivering quail needing
Sympathy, but getting payments, lost
To our broken eyes, bubbling
Up, on the other side of the world, flying
Free, for a moment before a shotgun
Rings out, downing one, in pity, seeing
Person, wearing a hoodie, marked
Dream Police, disturbing my peace, wanting
To erase the delusion or the reality, either one, missing
The point for sure, a point I cannot know, unless
I ask, wishing, but perhaps the mystery is better,
Loving, the way I hope to finally find, keening
Over the rising winds, have hope, you are bleeding
All over the paper

On that note- a dream

Recently had an interesting dream. Playing some nine inch nails out in winter-city-night. possible ‘wish’ or ‘gave up’ whichever one starts with ‘perfect little dream / the kind that hurts the most’ . Then in a bathroom yellow lit with big Python up on the shower rod. Coiled, not entwined (on not around). Something about this dream seemed highly significant. The place was pretty yellow too. The light like ‘the day the world went away’ music video. I was going through a stack of CDs. In addition to nine inch nails there was a CD of Queen playing cover songs and a Primus disc. For some reason I settled on Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver (a primus song).  All seemed right with the world, snake included. All that gobbledygook from the bible about snakes doesn’t crop up until one is awake.


Incidentally if the above thing (last post) about ‘fish’ proved true, we could give up radio. You’d have to give up a lot of technology. And check to see if there is a change in the radio background noise a few years after we developed radio.