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Learned last night at the open mic that elephants can swim. Blew me away when it really registered, although at first I though nothing of it. Reposting this with an added poem (1st below), because apparently Google rejects things that are so thin on text. At least I think it’s that and not that I just hooked up publicize to Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and Google+. It would be irritating if syndicating none-too-frequent posts had the result of being penalized on SEO. :p

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy #202

SNAFUs are not always avoid-
able, yet should not be assu-
med to be inevitable. The bit-
bucket peeping toms continue
to feast on the still-living body
of Privacy & Human Rights.
There are treatments for brain-
eating amoebas & prions, are
there not? Aren’t there? Uh-oh….
Loop by samples, stop by scatt-
erings, set topwise ordinals
and tuck in the blues… None
are sharper than fungi & corv-
ids, but our dimensionally con-
strained perceptions can’t pro-
be that by conventional means….

Didn’t record all the details on this batch … probably someone involved in mindfulness or yoga training or research somewhere…

flip the bucket fire
ablaze the crackle shot moon
satisfying bang



The fourth poem, and some other ‘+’ is at the new Message, Quote, and Link of the Day at Psychic Fugue Studio – …nose piercings, that had begun to appear in the orders, since celibacy & cloistering requirements had been dropped. …


Some Stable People, Some Unwelcome Fantasies

Dripping on the sidelines
He wept silently
All the people went on about their business
Unwatchful of their brothers
The distraction of the incredible TV
All mentioning things about the weather
Singularly absent of demagogues
The individualistic nature of the focus
Hot burgers! Hot burgers!
Servers on duty tonight
Slipping into the sex of the mindset
Dreaming forever of the changes to be made
Looking hot for all to see
So much undone to be crossed
To cross again is not to cross
A crossed disposition of the stars and portents and spirits
To cross again is not to cross
Slipping through behind the mirror
Tips come raining from the sky
Until the ways are mockery of the self-righteous theists
Coming undone
Taking yourself to pieces
Filtering out the failures
Creating distortion
Creating misperception
Creating delusion
Some stable people
Some unwelcome fantasies
How he is at home
How grumpy can you be?
Stilling the waters
Stilling the trembling heart

I guess he’s dead

Issuing a suicide threat on your blog
Especially if you go through with it
And over a long ended relationship,  no less
If she is with a turd blossom now
Perhaps she isn’t as special as you think
(actually I know she isn’t because your ideas of romance & destiny are inflated)
Another casualty of Disney,  Hollywood,  and depression (let’s not forget delusion!)

Paper Chains

This is what it has come to:

Your people have been devalued;

Your true skills have been devalued;

You are devalued;

Your bolted-on skills are undervalued and worsening;

You compete against exploited &/or inflated foreign workers & hobbyists

There is a 0 tolerance of deviance

& inability to communicate or negotiate

& no chemical resources for you

To increase state Or hold it steady

There is nothing

You are nothing, as you are so often told

You live in paper chains

This is not why we are here

This is a 10 millenia delusion

We are supposed to connect with one another

Technology has merely increased what was already present

You hurry on incessantly

For no purpose but forced paper chains & inevitable death


Not exctly where I was going when it came to me, but I forgot.

Lines 2-5 are close to the lost original idea.