The Destruction of Nubians

A desperate plea submitted to Anonymous on behalf of the Nubian people, asking everyone to share on social media as a first step. Dams are being built, protesters shot, people forcibly removed, the language is prohibited in schools, and all for Egypt’s government to store water and destroy a culture that is different. Part 2 […]


Ambiguous subjects . Argue that this Is the shared thing Undercurrents . A sentiment shared By many . However the many mixed metaphors ____ & varied possible readings The sentiments are true and clear . Ringing hammers and crowbars of redemption A small piece of glass Waits to bite . . In relation to link: […]

Free Discourse (1st attempt)

There is no free discours in the land All is constrained by politeness By uncivil politics By need to keep secret By insecurity By the media hexes By the hierarchies By the need for money There is no free discourse in the land   Freedom of speech on paper No free discourse in the land […]