Variant Novel Angular

Perceived as a quite odd image I am guessing (?). Seeing how intensively white paint/yellow light the uncropped shot is, I register that overreliance on ‘safe’ white is not a permanent or immutable quality of human patterns. Then very quickly snaps through my mind the earlier radio show segment on when/how VR/Augmented Reality glasses (or […]


Jem – “They” words ……………. Who made up all the rules?We follow them like fools,Believe them to be true,Don’t care to think them through And I’m sorry, so sorryI’m sorry it’s like thisI’m sorry, so sorryI’m sorry we do this And it’s ironic too‘Cause what we tend to doIs act on what they sayAnd then […]

Dose Curve

The insert of the experience Bears all the signal coordinates The sight lines Not something the uninitiated would recognize? Hard to say Low res, amateurish video technique Happens to fit perfectly To the gestalt Dreams & replacement Collapse of the wave Expanded field Of multivalence Cognition Stripped signifiers Floats free of words Dose curve drifts […]