Of the Deceit

Each and every which way
The demolition of the Trinity test
Was something unheard of on the planet
We sit in waiting
For someone to press the button

Each and every which way
Becoming loud for our masters to hear
“Yes, massa, you just do whatever you think you need to”
Smile and agree them to their graves

Each and every which way
Demeaning of the other goes on
Little changing year to year
All collecting others of their peace
Coming down the tubes with venom

In a silent moment
You reflect
You become a mirror for them
You become a mirror for yourself
The parts gather and replace their eyes
And they are made to go

Damaging rays of scrutiny pile in
Allegedly untoward of the warriors
But gross with fire
The globes of presumption and hypocrisy burst
The group flies apart
From the repellent forces it has generated within

In a time of chaos
You become replete with smoothness
It follows you there
Everything becomes true
Everything flows
With the new cast line up
Nothing goes awry

A coupling of interests emerges
Becoming one you become two, and then three
The travel is hard
You cannot see what you have missed
But are satisfied with what you got
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Compromise and Independence

Because I said so
That’s why
You will not get the better of me
Labels of unquiet
You have to leave all your stuff and your people outside
Generic white powder
Take the pills at least
Short typewriter bursts
Staccato rhythms
Antiaircraft guns
Interior universe undisturbed
The driftwood of our lives
Washed up on some foreign shore
But when the tubes
A piano at play
The black lotus
The days of long ago
The days of long ago
Compromises none
There had been no conflict yet.
No awakening consciousness
Not especially.
Not right now.
See disclaimer.
You can if you want to.
What jiggery-pokery is this?
Not to misunderstand it.
Subconscious processes
Drink up. Time is running short.

Conflict (semi-non-linear verse #1 12-21)

The queen kindly requests

Your execution

Eyeliner will be provided

On fire and insane

Sticks and stones

We run in circles

May break my bones

In time to the beating

Of the tambourine

On the campaign stump

The beasts stomp the Earth

Making their presence known


Like a tornado

Battle set-to, one-two-three

Bring your monsters

We’ll bring ours

A great show for all to see

I jump on the band wagon

Your cloak tears,

Betraying your purpose

But words can wound me deeply

And all your glory

Emerges with wings

Out of the dusky cocoon

Dying of roses

The petals drifting down

Like mustard gas


Let us not be silent

But clap

For the victor

The power lines that wreath the world

The power lines that wreath the world

The Hopi prophecy (?) alight

Spider webs across the earth

& internets

A house in the sky

(or three)

The great rebalancing

Of the cycle’s end

May come,

Unless we,

the people of the earth

Change our ways

& change them sharply

As long as the states

& powerful men

continue their squabbles

Or trample the real peoples’ lives

There is little

That such an one as I