Of the Deceit

Each and every which way The demolition of the Trinity test Was something unheard of on the planet Now, We sit in waiting For someone to press the button Each and every which way Becoming loud for our masters to hear “Yes, massa, you just do whatever you think you need to” Smile and agree […]

Compromise and Independence

Because I said so That’s why Threats You will not get the better of me . Labels of unquiet Stereotypes You have to leave all your stuff and your people outside Generic white powder Take the pills at least Short typewriter bursts Dependence Independence Staccato rhythms Antiaircraft guns . Interior universe undisturbed The driftwood of […]

Conflict (semi-non-linear verse #1 12-21)

The queen kindly requests Your execution Eyeliner will be provided On fire and insane Sticks and stones We run in circles May break my bones In time to the beating Of the tambourine On the campaign stump The beasts stomp the Earth Making their presence known Quiet, Like a tornado Battle set-to, one-two-three Bring your […]