Transmutation of Ancient Plants

Stilted warriors collect on time
Over to easy street do you go
The way out is through
Now you must see to your affairs
Get them well ordered
Confusion of the ways
Will not do
So bring your readiness
Not to be undone are they
Let it be so
But your ways are not toward
Your methods do not serve
Your exhaustion is legend
And all the ways are close to you
What will you do?
The silence of lives
I will answer them
The score is thus
Although I am uncertain
Building up the totals
I complete the complement
Seeing the ways of betrayal
I evade
Beginning, I cease
Ceasing, I begin
Finding a way, I transmute
Transmuting, I am made whole
Never to be underestimated
Seeming, I grow cold
Growing cold, the Earth is made hot
Altogether we collect our materials
Reparations are made
I come to fruition
The universe colludes in the things
I collect small pieces of negative entropy
They increase through the slides of the bioreactors
The sailors are ready to move the product
I shift and expand the context
A wait of a few more moments will increase the profit
The construction of an essay on life will have to wait
Stripping out the variables, I conclude the thesis
The minister will wish to know of the progress
Shifting through the webs of possibility
I see the way
Seeing, I believe
Coming into it for insight
I brought the teeth of the matter
Walking down paths of unreason
I closed upon the problem
The errors of many ways
The correction of one
One to bring it to fruition
One to complete the process
The ancient plant was the way
The fruition was the fuel
Seeing it all, I concluded it was well
Concluding, I proceeded
Proceeding, I triumphed
Stilling the arcs and ellipses
I went on my way

A different life

Modern homesteading – vegetables

LoganBerry Heritage Farm, White County, Georgia (CC BY-NC 2.0) UGArdener

LoganBerry Heritage Farm, White County, Georgia
(CC BY-NC 2.0)

The movement grows – self sufficiency

People prefer to live on nothing by their own sweat

Over working desk or server jobs

To be normal – and buy shit

Work that manure

Feed them all

CC BY-NC 2.0 Scott & Emily Teaching

CC BY-NC 2.0
Scott & Emily

The old life, but with better food

& better for the climate, the environment, & the power balance


School is finished in medical leave

Now I present a better action plan(s)

To Mom & Dad

It’s going to be awesome

I have certain demands

But I know precisely


What I am doing.

Oh, happy day!

Homestead Labyrinth CC BY-NC 2.0 Kordite

Homestead Labyrinth
CC BY-NC 2.0

Continuing with art, music, tech freelance

Where and if plausible

Or can befit my schedule


Election Day Resolution

My resolution: Next year I will be well enough informed to vote other than a straight party ticket in local elections.

Also: I think I’ll try that post a day thing.

And: I will finally make those things I have been planning to sell.


Will be posting later, its not coming together at the moment.