Smash the Stack (syntactic vehicle)

To which they responded, under their breaths, the craven thing, “i’m gonna eat’ch you.”

Repetitively we beat this drum,,,

Chaos theory notwithstanding,


Poems and Oracle Reading

Postcards now available for purchase! At Zazzle! Help a brother out… Customizable! You have now missed the sale on The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore! Help me Protest! fossil fuel subsidies Battle lines drawn No art in the tubes A line in the sand A gender schism? A lot for me to handle […]



Slog Slog Slog Slog web design yarp must be better ways sure, but do you have resolve? have to look it up is it a logical chimera? the body is simply incapable facing down the emotional storms and still doing the logic behind all code behind research and writing, well used to be but I […]



The transient feelings of induced adoration Fade slightly Losing my bearing needing to be there There with them Fixing the bearing in one person Construction and hot pants and shear shirt Mind blowing display Cool girl Sigh* One more time through a doomed(?) crush Unresolvable ring Uncertain whether any was designed Advertisements


The Paper Code

The paper code Dots & dashes over time sequences Use for music construction How to do the items in 1 2 3  Places Too many courses If you could just let go The worry and fret fade away You could certainly get this all done Though it take night & day effort All the time […]


Perils of Dreamweaver, Templates & Ignorance

7pm 4 pgs 2 forms PAGE1 1 — simple — page — no forms or dynamics — !!! tags not closed in head no scripts needed, except maybe form validation (and maybe not) stylesheet: 1 & dead simple: [redacted info] jquery loaded jquery out of date jquery unnecessary unused script in head … checking jquery […]