The Perfection of the Paperclip

Bloodied unlike the rest

Encumbered by drifting feelings of malaise and fatigue

Starry jewels and diminished ends

Pieces of flittering debris rain down atomic

The blast over ocean settling on peaks of Mauna Kea

Halogen species grow psychedelic fur

No weather unchained loses us our most prized crops

A battle, a revolt, a protest

A sliding gate, terminus of my caring

πŸ’«πŸ‘ŠπŸ„βš‘ noble gas, spills out, suffocation

Rededicate, hang on wires, close the door, stop the bleeding

πŸ’£πŸ€„πŸ‘£ sloppy mathematics .. Fix your nations

Virulent spread of thoughts, humanity fails to thrive



Morning glories –

And magic practice,


The outer world tumbles on unheeding, knowing never where it’s going, nor where it hails from

One can only hope! Γ— !$=tCO2+tCH4

Bulldozers, ever advance

Slash and burn and pillage

Breed and breed and breed

A traditional practice, had been – to leave the infirm aged out for the hyenas . .

Wary of future collapse,

Unwary of the next corner

Trumpists … A note of despairing

Clintonistas … A failure of progress

Smash the state?

@ πŸ’€πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœβš‘β³γ€½ &


The perfection of the paperclip πŸ“ŽπŸ”“ unbolt. .

Poems and Oracle Reading


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Battle lines drawn
No art in the tubes
A line in the sand
A gender schism?
A lot for me to handle
No one speaks into the silence of dreams
Nuclear armed states
Plushies and demented crews
Blocking people who disagree with you is not the way.
The tubes require and respline
Campaign to small businesses is not
Dream – Writing for others is the best dream – Fortune … Also cut out comics
Playfulness is important. Natural magic. Allow yourself to be receptive,
….. fertil, overflowing with grace
Stop setting Artificial boundaries between the aspects
The website is enough
Poetry and playfulness and naturalmagic, fertility in the text blocks
Campaign to climate scientists not productive at this time
Release writing to small presses and lit journals. They want your
….. submissions and not your postcards
Campaign to congress/senate is Ta-Om the Poet
Campaign to environmental activists is bright courage
Campaign to newspapers is radiant healing
You are ready for initiation to the next stage
The website is enough, and get ready for things to become
….. unstuck and begin moving very fast
Consider taking a break from the postcards to get other
….. stuff done
You have more time when homework is done
Making chunks of time makes things go faster
[page break]
You could be making a big splat on social media and not
….. know it…
Let twitter go for awhile?
Scriggle your posts
Money making enterprises per the whiteboard
What was the reversed death card for?
The initiation card was a jump card
At peace with my past… ?
Deja Vu… Dreams coming back
Such dreams with self managed medications
Not letting things end also…
Cannot set unset inappropriate boundaries when other
….. people are the makers. Artificial boundaries.
Death – perhaps gather email addresses for direct help
….. requests, not postcards, and just send them
….. all the same letter.
Can reach St Vincent’s record label if you write a letter
Visit by the end
Do not concern yourself with those who treat you poorly
No where does it say not to make friends –
But the time is not now.
Clue in and consider, retrace and demand
Get mail more often,
Refine and gloam
Allow your puzzles to be written without checks
Haste makes waste, and post is toasted
Create and align, tool up and be
Not one to resign early –
Nor to give up without a fight =
Diacetyl morphine
Chill and respline
Code and repair

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Fluid dimensions of apathy
Lacking the proper drugs, I…
Word to the wise..
Balance your neurotransmitters.

Become educated.
long time no see that one

Feelings after the digression
Method of distinguishing symbols from things
Tiredness after sleep and behind on homework,
But doing the best we can

Not particularly abstract these few weeks; so what?
Words on the screen, none on the paper
Diminishment of thought to focus
Artwork suffers
Damned elections
We shall see how it goes!

And never forget to: Ballyhoo!!

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That in itself is a triumph…

Orioles flit by
In the spring dew
Night untimed is questionable
How long can the blue sky last?
How long have we left on this Earth
For all with eyes to see and ears to hear…
Building the collected sites together
Building the theorems and articles of not faith, but true belief
Recall the coffee we once had,
Recall the exotic foods and vegetables
Recall the always on heat and running water
We are still here.
And that.
In itself.
Is a triumph.

Top Photo:
Lighting in a Bottle 2012. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda)

burst drawing

Cooper Dozier (c) 2015

Status of Forces

Photo on 11-1-15 at 7.26 PM

(Repost from my !)

Whooo! My I Ching for why my computers are acting so weird has 10 Treading changing to 28 Excess… I Suppose I am getting so into this and other internet projects that my homework is being neglected… I still have time though. I set a timer for 1 hour. We’ll see how that goes. And I’m going to try to stay up until 5 am and then sleep, since I’ll soon be starting a job that will run until 4am 4 or 5 days a week. Yesterday I stayed up 25 hours before I took my night pills. I was a little frazzled by 3am so I started doing crossword puzzles instead of (unpaid) work. But then I got so into that I stayed up until 630am. I only managed to sleep 3 hours but I feel great! I have several other things I want to get going other than this (regular music and art practice and I’ve been neglecting my paper writing and typing shit up too) but I’m really into this. I’m disappointed that my green notebook with ~3 months of work in it vanished mysteriously, but I’m not bummed out about it. But I have to make the grade this semester to graduate. Nevertheless I wrote 6 postcards today, and will be adding 7 to the site shortly!

I have a new homepage at that lists all my projects and pieces and stuff that are online (more to come! I have one sound project from a 2011 class ready to upload, and 2 stop motion videos (if I can find the stop motion stuff)). Also, I registered . There’s nothing there yet, but you can already sign up for the mailing list by sending an email to with “subscribe[]” in the subject. Any personal notes are also nice, if you wish! There will be a small site with its own blog, hosted at Dreamhost (who are awesome!) since I couldn’t register today (unknown errors) and I know how to run wordpress at Dreamhost and it costs me nothing more! (Voted PC Mag best web hosting 2 years running)…

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I forget what else I was going to say! Ballyhoo!

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Categories of things sift into conspiracies
Everything is a symbol of something else #synapticsyntactic

All over the map is the insurrection
And all our pieces topple over
It is disastrous
#tdoolwuosfs #poetryebook
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The Method of Proxy Sea

Some thought to non-diminishment
Some challenges for the Faeries
Tools for reworking the world
Rebuilding in a new image
Some thought to privacy
“The stealthiest forefinger is a proxy sea” -@tribalephemeral
The method of wordpress
The method of facebook
The method of twitter
The method of tumblr
The method of minds contacting each other in dreams
The method of amplification
The method of email
The method of bitly
The method of the sidewalk chalk and bulletin boards
The method of word of mouth
To each his own
But I take all of these in
I use what is at my disposal
The oxygen catastrophe
Must not occur
So saith I
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Free again
But in fear for my life
I remembered
Men were creatures to fear #poetry #ebook #modern

We tear the bleating away
We tear the tears away
We tear the mothers away
We shift into gear #ebook #ziggomatickeys

$1 a month perks
Nifty web art + words project:
Book sample:
Book: “Ziggomatic Keys” #poetry
For the audiophile:
Book: “The Driftwood of Our Live Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” #poetry