Sleep Quality

Piling on sleep deficit –

Slipping further and further from goal oriented routines

Ring ring at 630

Notice of approximate ride time

Exhaustion no fun, though last night sort of was

Reflitter & refizzle; reboot & begin again

See that the pattern does not continue

This gets better, 

Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps even as soon as a post-class nap (if I can)

See that it…



This is far from the end of the world…


Raining in a better day
Not doomed
This will be a slide
But still in somewhat convalescence
2 usable ideas have been identified
Chaos is a tourist
The levity of last night settles into slow peace
Think not what for, but only ask ‘how?’
And then you enact
No cutting without labels
No dreaming without spunk
Allow that one thing to be true
Close all doors if you are false

See to your Mind

While illness diminishes me
it also makes me wondrous
Deep and unique
The symbology of the phenotype
The literalness of our peril
The cold of january
Splitting hairs and chilling
Harming none for science
Alarming things
Sequencing the mutations
Breakage is memory
Loss is trust
Recovery is in the air
Report for work tomorrow
Learn and see career center
Clean this place
See to your mind
Set all in order

The Mill

uncertainty of time
those who post
Until the seasons change
Do nothing but study
Computer work and writing
How to increase the output
And decrease time spent
Key to stress
Watching the world pass as paychecks

vie for attention

Against grades dishes garden

& longer term art & vision

Under the suppressing wail of freelance & class
Wondering why I did not reach vacation

@ semester’s end