Elephantine Symbiosis

Clutter of human relations into the walled corridors of the underground city

Violent animosities and dysfunctional relations under the waters

Winging through the oily shroud of the fog into the depths

See the edge of the glowing star before the light is snuffed

Diving down into the vortexes’ center

Wild rats scurry from the portal

Down the abyssal shaft

Into the great house of shifting darkness

Into the Void

alone-w-shades ..You move out of town

..So long you’re gone

..Skip light on the consciousness

..Of the world

..The empty spaces in the world

..No one (almost) is looking for you

..The parochial city

..Made all it’s alliances

..In one or the other

..Freshman year

..You’ll just have to do

..The best you can

..Tame those ontingent emotions

..Learn to be long alone

..Before you move


photo sources: “the enlightened viewpoint”  by torbakhopper ; “Graveyard over Kyoto” by Andy Heather  used by CC BY 2.0 and CC BY-NC 2.0 permission