Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

I’m leaning towards, if you take this up and decide to post them, avoidance of including the serial numbers. If you thought people who got your verses might get value from treating them as collectors items, you might want to be sure to include serial numbers. Advantages over postcards: passes through many hands/eyeballs, good chance others will add on or pickup, money highly unlikely to be thrown away, no printing, stamping, or address deciding time or money cost, less time to write or archive. Seeding unpredictable changes…

Forgot to add: had been meaning to try spellwork-by-dollar for some time. Last week I put some symbols front and on back the same as the first pic on a 1. Today got paid with a 5 that had written ‘black lives matter’. Cannot recall last time I saw an annotated bill. Synchronicity, although temporally spaced…

Notable news: notwithstanding the multiplicity of extant & extinct alternative currencies, this obit from this week’s Economist newspaper of an artist of money-like objects: JSG Boggs

Psychoschemata Vector Seeding

Fast launch
Better than meticulous perfection
Stop trying to do all pieces at once
Assemble & tweak, subvert & rebubble
Set all in one way together, set all those against aside
Let not it be said that nothing was tried… – My own unique strategies & tactics
Resembling nothing so much as the symbols of the heuristic schemata ladders –
We take our shots by chaos, by coil, by screw, by bloom

2.71828 = lim[n→∞](1 + 1/n)n

. . . hexavalent charms

Gumdrop insanity

Closes in the walls around you

Brickbats and booleans

Crump and bumble

Our tastes take us beyond questions and into interludes of posterity’s crazings along neocortex of Gaia

Alert! No stability becomes a sinkhole . .

Exheunt! Pions and crayons, forget never the basal ganglia :

To wit: one ring to rule them all

To wit: neural networks of 7 layers linked

To wit: the virx bird of fractal emergent formal systems

To replicate: a synonym of harmless vices

All crew stick to the orange ley lines

Bring in one amongst its enemies, yet softly, softly, wait and bide

Alkaloids and triterpenoids, hydroxypropene and knight to j.9.3÷

In one space, blattering rain

In the other ear, notes of cigarette paper

Out of the eyes, gaze of Cupid

Out of the mind, hexavalent charms!


A pleasure to behold
Chaos beckons the heart on new tides
Alerting one thought to the credence of creation
Solidly demarcating the tremors running through the dust;
A wake for the means of production, yet,
All channelled through modern eyes
A vent for overwrought questions
A belief in human liberty
Some think otherwise –
Bespectacled & versed
Limned and lined

Knots and Spiderwebs


In the heart of the dialogue
Exits were found but not yet followed
The time was Nation, and the place was the Last Outer Outpost
Flooding the streets the pickets
Notching up wounds inflicted were the Forces
The end of the chapter came too soon
And all dissolved into chaos
Let us see what can be done…
Councils were established
Defensive protocols for those who could
The distribution of needles was disrupted
The end of the gloaming retreated into silence instead of crickets
In your sex, remark on how suddenly things have changed
Allow all to be heard and risen
Chaotic proposals
Etheric bliss
None call it what it is;
But all know –
The microphone went where it needed to be
The levers were applied to move the Earth
Tensile strength, be damned
Chaotic students will finally graduate
All is well, and all is well, and all shall be well
Remote interactions fluff up the semantic drift engine
Let be, let be, let be, let do
Still the heart, and come to unity
Be unlike the the sound of Ocean waves
Timorously, you think on your death
But it is naught to be feared
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Leadership Quotes & Poem


These are interesting, from my new blog follower (358th!)
20 Inspiring Leadership Quotes

“You do not have to hold a position to be a leader” Henry Ford
So true in the Internet age, too
Shipment of devices, emergent systems, and thoughts of chaos theory
Small systems, following simple rules, many upon many,
Creating large and complex systems, creating complex behavior
Thoughts echo and ricochet
My cards create revolution
Wealth to the winners?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Chaos becomes you
Let it not be reduced…
Withdraw passing?
Still fearful to look at email…
But have accomplished much today
Rock the solids
Become other than what you knew before
Feathers dance on the air,
And occasionally, one tips a scale.
We have the birds to thank for this,
As well as the makers of scales
The trialogues were for wholeness
The weather was for calm
While the wind was up;
The Night was not fierce
Allow and discover, require and replant
Strategem is to the politic
Perhaps when the season is over, then I shall change…
Diminish not, but amplify!
Go forth, and persuade.

Of the Deceit

Each and every which way
The demolition of the Trinity test
Was something unheard of on the planet
We sit in waiting
For someone to press the button

Each and every which way
Becoming loud for our masters to hear
“Yes, massa, you just do whatever you think you need to”
Smile and agree them to their graves

Each and every which way
Demeaning of the other goes on
Little changing year to year
All collecting others of their peace
Coming down the tubes with venom

In a silent moment
You reflect
You become a mirror for them
You become a mirror for yourself
The parts gather and replace their eyes
And they are made to go

Damaging rays of scrutiny pile in
Allegedly untoward of the warriors
But gross with fire
The globes of presumption and hypocrisy burst
The group flies apart
From the repellent forces it has generated within

In a time of chaos
You become replete with smoothness
It follows you there
Everything becomes true
Everything flows
With the new cast line up
Nothing goes awry

A coupling of interests emerges
Becoming one you become two, and then three
The travel is hard
You cannot see what you have missed
But are satisfied with what you got
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