Meditation with Intention & Writing

Set focus of intention before meditation. Write those down to avoid fuzzy vague mindedness.

Select a card or random passage for advice

Write seven lines on your advice theme, fear not tangents!

Set timer for meditation


Making out breath counts longer than in breath releases relaxation forces, practice this

Or square breathing, in x, hold x, out x, hold x, repeat

Let thoughts flow without grasping, remind yourself of intention, visualize an image(s) (may help to pick this first), breath in truth and out not truth, practice self/soul alignment… Practices are many… Mantra or Mandela

Let flow, let daily anxieties and concerns be without feeding… Don’t push the river

Focus on your purpose or approach silence, either can feed purpose. What tensions are there? Learn to let be. Note the jaw; is it tight? Relaxed (teeth are not touching, but trying to force relaxation can be worse than accepting)? Clenched? A combination? This may take time to learn… The Harmony hypnosis app can help.

Or was it impossible to sit still? Was the mind boiling? These too are information.

Pick one thing or three, the necessity is not to do all. A few minutes are better than none. Worry not about perfection.

If you feel the need, rest or nap after, although napping may disturb night sleep in some.. Note what the dreams try to tell you.. Trust yourself; dream dictionaries are not always helpful.

If it feels right, on return, light candle, incense, bless coffee or tea or whathaveyou, select seed symbols or cards or words or passages, and proceed to write. Automatic writing can also be of the form ‘x is…, x is…, x is…, x is… …’, or loose and everywhere.

Organizing Principles

Cut Out, Throw Away, Reduce, Simplify, Reuse, Keep Clean
All along the angels watch us, ever silently
All along we take our tea with Demonoid, the Faeries, Lao Tzu
Master of Ceremonies wants no part of your foolhardiness
In each
Replace symbols
With acts >
But note:
Questions unspoken can plague you
But those voiced can sometimes be even worse
The inner pipings of the mind conspire
The hopes and fears collude and diminish
REALITY takes center stage once more,
After its lengthy and interminable patience waiting in the wings
Bibliophiles care not a whit for you –
At least not yet
Your cares unpile and dissolve
Clinging ever to the past –
Until these days of your era near
Coming unglued from conventionality
Abandonment of college
Failure of conventionality
Like a hot mess, I am resplendent
Need for mental care forgotten
The growth by leaps and bounds –
I am Ready; I know my Direction  
Never return and never recoil
End it all with peace and justice
Step forth into a New Life
Become whole and rejoice $
Ignore signs and portents and explanations
Finally, chart your own course…!

Goran Paunovic:

Vacation’s Over!


Much chaos and company
All now depart
A cleaning of house
A change of some lives
New paths are explored
Plotting course begins
When the whales, trim the sails
When on trails, head for rails
A line of speed, a shot of dope
For times in need, store up your hope
Seek not what hunts you
But find the place to cross to El Mundo Bueno
See the eyes in the dark,
Retreat across the chasm –
Or advance over the plain…

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Finding a Space, Clearing a Place

Filtering out the ways and means
Tuning yourself to the ever present amber existence
Being clear on what you want
Seeming to ever be clear headed
Dreaming of ways to build your houses
Finding the space for yourself somewhere
Bringing along the animals
Severing connections to the systems of corporations
Severing connections to the systems of governments
Tuning yourself to the great void of the tonal distance to the violet connection
Becoming true in yourself
Seeing the untrammeled ways of freedom
Finding that pioneering spirit
Ringing your plans into truthful existence
Building on successes, learning from inevitable failures
Composting, recycling, conserving, gardening
Clearing the space of the detritus of dysfunction
Spinning the wheels until they catch and propel you off
Tuning into the theta wave screaming for a difference
Living life as it is meant to be lived


So. We have to redo this all over again. Fuck.


Excretion. Ingestion. Metabolism.

Alkaloids. Alcohols. Aminos. Ethers. Ketones. Sugars.

High. Low. Smashed. Wired. Hurtin’. Trippin’. Twisted. Blowed. Lit.

Smokin’, Shootin’, Drinkin’, Snorting, Poppin Pills

Livers, Brains, Hearts, Lungs, Skin, Occasionally Kidneys.

Mystical, Dreamy, Hedonic, Verbal, Repetitive, Healing.

Nervous, Panicked, Enlightened, Compulsive, Depressed, Manic~

Persecuted, Invincible, Hunted, Shamed

Produced; Interdicted

Stopped, Shot, Jailed, Hospitalized

Inhibited, Broken, Healed, Cured, Damaged

No matter which way, you are changed.

Change is a threat.

A threat to something, someone, somewhere

The good robot no longer operates as programmed

Defy or misfire, its all the same to the combine


Capitalization really does make a difference when looking close… I see



Sifting through the pieces
Of broken 2013
Reassembling a thing or two

Tossing out others
Create Increase
Build a new way

Send darts of creative chaos
More effecting than webs
Channel power into transmission

Make closer political speech
Work toward the building of environment
Contact the galleries

Imagine the receiver
Wondering who thought of them with
This addressless vehicle

Perhaps they are sent on
Perhaps kept as mystery
Work magic charge the change

Sent the birds flying into ether
Print, code, issue

At least that’s the hope
Bridging difference
Meeting those on the other side

All to build
What is the goal

For this assembly
What mission?
Art is outside

wunky2Apologies for wunky picture and tired sentiments