The Dog Appears (And I get to feel like a hero)

The dog appears

As I am passed out drunk

Late last night

The cat instantly confronts him

The Guard Cat (LOL)

I attempt to throw this strange window crashing dog out but cannot

I go back to bed

When I wake up, I think the window jumping dog is gone

But it is not

It is at the foot of the couch

A very sweet dog

But my cat hates other animals

I throw it out

Dragging it by the collar

It will not leave the porch

It hides behind the armchair

Which belonged to my neighbor’s deceased partner

And I picked up off the curb

I go to get cigarettes and later, espresso

The dog remains

I return to the coffee house

Inquire if there is a dog person


I tell him I have checked the internet ID and it is not found, that the dog is terrified to go outside, and I think it has been abused, so I will not make fliers

He says I’ll come check it out after my other shift

My dog needs a playmate

Unless it’s a real old dog

I say I don’t think so, uncertainly

I am not a dog person

But after I get home and close the porch door to keep it in for its adopter

I hear the tags of dog who would not move from behind the armchair, or eat


The owner, a beautiful young woman has come by, on foot

She says he is not abused

merely terrified of storms

I believe

She is so happy to find her dog

I begin to feel like a hero in a minute

But the dog found me, I did not find him

She is very thankful

I got a leash from my mom

Because I figured it would need a walk before Jake got off work

Not that it would have come out

Even though it was sunny now

It would not eat, even

I ask her if she needs a leash

And she says no, I’ll just carry him

Thank you so much

I would never name a dog Sebastian

But I am not a dog person

I like dogs now

But I don’t need an animal that needs to be walked

That needs care

Three times a day at least


Cats Galore

Cats, cats, cats, galore

Cats, cats, cats, and more

Some days are sunny

And some days are poor

But always, always, cats restore

Do not, do not, do not, I implore

See that you do it

And come safe to shore

Always, always, always, see more

And cats, cats, cats, give more

Time, time, time, is a door

Go through, go through, and see what for

And always, always, cats, galore

Sleeping on the nuclear switch
The cicadas buzz up a storm
A summer heat of bliss
Dissociative ecstacy lying in the grass
In the dark of the night the black cat roams free
Sniffing around the garden of weeds, then disappearing into the dark
Standing in the doorway as I wake at 9 am
We all go through the spiralling trials of life and also the spiralling realizations
Depersonalization disorder should plague the oppressors more and the oppressed less
Although there are good kinds of depersonalization, not disorders
Searing the visual cortex with a sun fired perception of beauty with a side of beer and cigarettes
The cat finds her courage
Bigots against the mentally ill and outsiders infest the local coffeehouse
Deeply unimpressed I take my business elsewhere
Realizing that I was not imagining them continually gossiping about me
Little birds flitter in the street; get out of the way of the oncoming car, you little fools
Overcast and bright today
And it is time to shower and get coffee (elsewhere)

A thought on flocking
Whosoever goes up, say the serenity prayer
Needless to do the head is overheating
The hat and too cold off
The cat is absent, and only one letter from needles
Or two from needles’s
Sleeping on the mats or the couch you see
The sound of sadness in their eyes
But, oh, the tremulous nature of bodice’s ripper
Sleeping on the mat or the couch you see
The angles of our impedimenta and attribution
Needles’ s of solitude fly in the dim lights of no TV
Some grow into their pants like the weather on the sun
Ever so much more weather than the weather on the moon
Tremors of equanimity fly through the earth’s cauldron
Languid seething neurons in the mind
Trials by this I go by
But under your shirt and your panties and your skull are what I seek