Tetris as a Metaphor for Life

The pieces are always falling, and you are always spinning, jimmying them into position and together.. Eminently arranging your selves, your thoughts, your time bits and pieces and hours and days and weeks.. You put together things and sometimes they work out and bang, your lines disappear! And sometimes they don’t, or you miss deadlines, and you have a rising and unruly pile…..

But in this metaphor, Game Over is not death… it is the stacking and stacking of unresolved things, be they material or immaterial, rising and rising stressors, unfinished business to get around to one day, &c & etc.. Game Over is akin to a breakdown of one sort or another, loss of job, relationship, nervous breakdown, freakout, spiritual crisis.. Tetrising is a peak experience (in case you never knew/never made one, A ‘tetris’ is making four lines disappear with the straight piece at one moment!………

You arrange your time. Do you arrange it by lists or calendars, or vaguely in your head, or always make lists and always overload and fail them? Do you make progress to your goals…? All different ways of spinning and sliding pieces. Priorities and entertainments, accumulations of junk or bank accounts or spiritual progress… All pieces either on the ground or in the air…….

The pieces never do stop coming. A clean slate is possible.. But one should not necessarily aspire to a total emptiness… Are you happy with your zeitgeist? Or are you feeling that perhaps, some way or another, something must give, You Must Have A Reset! There is no reason to fear Game Over (well, perhaps…) But throwing your Very Own Game Over Party, is one way to have that reset on your terms… Or perhaps you need to get rid of half of what you own, or change careers, or go to treatment..

Only you, only your own Self-Concepts can say :::: Cheerio!

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Breakdown \ Collapse

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Twitter sends you regards,
Yet – no –
place in the head for love
In the true nature,
You become other than your wishes \ \ f a l l i n g . . .
to a place you remember well,
But had not expected to return so easily
L a u g h i n g at you – –
Strength in numbers;
Audience size is not a factor – bending between the ears \ \ L i E s \ \
No question of sleep until pharmacy opens . . . …
The regulation of time between the thighs
: : : {{Balance}} : : : – power…
= thoughtbreakdown [[mind]]{collapse}


Fletching the arrows by the fire
The wild man out beyond is large,
and believed to be

The tense young man
at the front of the class
goes wild raving about Humbaba
whether it was in fear or,
more like,
that the text was accusing him
of that identity
the memory is blurred

And he was never seen again

Perils of (not) using Linux

I am only 2 years behind updates on this college required macintosh but now youtube is regularly going on strike. They demand $100 to fix this bullshit which I will have next week. But it is infuriating that they break the internet for their own personal agendas. 10. v 10.9xxxx. I hate them and I would never have acquired a non-linux device if not for the school requirements. All my shit is breaking down because I prefer to burn my money at bars rather than IT companies. Fuck Y’All.