DNC vileness (DNC dirty tricks 2)

[[ WARNING!!! : unvarnished feelings ahead!!! Unsuitable for those under 11 years of age!!! ]] I have been negative on Hillary for a long time. But not in the extreme. I suppose I was neutral (or even positive?) when she was Secretary of state and senator. Before she declared her intention to carry forth neocon […]

Extreme Anger

Last one on this topic for now, promise ————————————— Somber yet sullen The confused Christians or women or petulant little girls Line up to condemn But not for the witchcraft, oh no, certainly not That would be intolerant They instead allege that I have crossed a line When I most certainly have not And that […]

Calumny and Distrust

I ain’t lyin’, oh yeah Room for one more The closed minded world As he said Many young kids do not know how to have A face to face conversation However taking it out on you Is still ridiculous Glare malevolence at that evil person The spell was for justice Unfortunately it is not for […]

Singled Out For Nothing

Figuring the scales brightly Trimming the leaves of the crown Sticking up for a stranger Being true to yourself The passwords all being lost Needling the present for demons Wandering through the mist and fog Seeking answers on the page Coming to no safe conclusions Dribbling from insanity Lifting the calculus up Being together for […]