DNC vileness (DNC dirty tricks 2)

[[ WARNING!!! : unvarnished feelings ahead!!! Unsuitable for those under 11 years of age!!! ]]

I have been negative on Hillary for a long time. But not in the extreme. I suppose I was neutral (or even positive?) when she was Secretary of state and senator. Before she declared her intention to carry forth neocon politics, oligarchy, dynasty, etc to a presidential term or two. Make no mistake. It is only on ‘soft’ social issues, such as gay rights, that they perceive to have minimal impact on the ‘hard’ power gradients, that she panders, disingenuously, progressive.. But in the last week or two, NPR has started airing the occasional (maybe 2 a week New ones) clip of Hillary Clinton on the stump. Her words and manner of speech, I find personally offensive and revolting. In this, I am perhaps in a small minority, having read several books and audio recordings as a you,g man that were explicitly devastating on the history and practice of using the violent, aggressive, denigrating, assaultive, etc characteristics of the ‘dominator’ personality/culture that has reigned since before writing was invented (some archaeological remnants of prior cultures, such as tassili plateau petroglyphs and the remains of catal huyuk city and environs remains remain) (and other clues less explicit) .. I resent being beaten with a verbal stick. Most of it is in the manner of speaking, although the content that has been aired has also been despicable (though only mildly; nationalist, partyist, in-group bullshit). But I found myself more profoundly enraged by the anti-fertility-control nazi young lady they had on for an extended chat from yesterday a few minutes ago. Her tone was even and agreeable, but her insistence on vile and despicable anti-logical dogmas made me want to … Do something like spit on her or worse, although I never would do such a thing. Well.. The ‘iron lady’ pitch put Margaret Thatcher in power for like a decade or more, I don’t know the exact count (she took ‘elocution’ lessons before her first election to change her ‘girly’ previous tones to a deep, booming, ‘more manlike’, endless series of implicit threats). .. Such is the stock in trade of most stripes of authoritarian personas, I guess? Those who are director ranked pawns rather than pawn ranked legislators anyway. All pawns of the evil idea viruses infecting their lives and psyches. Meanwhile, my most searched post (admittedly tiny volume) recently is ‘DNC Dirty Tricks’ asking people to sign some petition that invoked the DNC (wasserman-schultz and the rest) shut out of the Bernie campaign out of the 50 state voter registry during a key period in the weeks before the first primaries and caucuses.. The post is 2015 tho I didn’t check its precise date. Otoh I strongly believe that if trump does not launch apocalyptic wars, he will otherwise completely Fuck everything up. But in spite of all his bigotry, excess privilege, lack of personal insight, and various other fatal bullshit, he publicly comes across as far more likeable than hrc. So. Shall I vote green, libertarian, no presidential vote, or hrc? I shall see I suppose. But even if i vote for her, I hate her guts. Sanders supporters have known for endless months that the dnc was working to destroy his campaign. .. And Fuck these idiots who say ‘well he wasn’t a Democrat. Of course the party didn’t want him’ .. If that had any validity there would be a probation period between party registry and being able to vote or run. Anyone may become a Democrat at any time. They just have to fill out the paperwork. ., if you want to work to continually thwart your base and those who want to sign up and vote, perhaps it is YOU who need to find a different motherfucking party. All this said, I still find more wisdom in anarchism than TV politics. But I vote too.

Extreme Anger

Last one on this topic for now, promise
Somber yet sullen
The confused Christians or women or petulant little girls
Line up to condemn
But not for the witchcraft, oh no, certainly not
That would be intolerant
They instead allege that I have crossed a line
When I most certainly have not
And that line is, wait for it,
Asking for someone’s email address
What bullshit
These trivial little social fascists
Is it because of my psychosis last year?
Or because of the witchcraft?
Or merely because they think they’re
Too good to talk to me
Even casually?
I know I bitch and whine
But the sanction was extreme
Extreme anger is the appropriate reaction

Calumny and Distrust

I ain’t lyin’, oh yeah
Room for one more
The closed minded world
As he said
Many young kids do not know how to have
A face to face conversation
However taking it out on you
Is still ridiculous
Glare malevolence at that evil person
The spell was for justice
Unfortunately it is not for me to know
If justice has been done
Maybe do another one
With a spiral for justice
But in front this times
A good time to brainstorm your next message
To build it up
Some dreamt of collusion

Singled Out For Nothing

Figuring the scales brightly

Trimming the leaves of the crown

Sticking up for a stranger

Being true to yourself

The passwords all being lost

Needling the present for demons

Wandering through the mist and fog

Seeking answers on the page

Coming to no safe conclusions

Dribbling from insanity

Lifting the calculus up

Being together for life

Age creeping up on you

Singled out for nothing

Strangled by bigots

Selling out to get laid

Drumming up support

Seeing through all the lies

Feeling the pain of broken heart

Coming to conclusions

Drifting with the cats

Singled out for nothing

Social ostracism

Bigots against the sick

Broken into pieces

Seeking greater connection

Needing no more of your trouble

Wanting to blow the place up

Tripping over the wires

Scanning for opportunities

Opportunities I will not take

Becoming one with my anger