Photos + One blueprint on quitting smoking

It is very true. To cut down, just 5 more minutes, just finding one more thing to do, before smoking, is the way to win. I would not recommend cutting down as a quitting strategy, but it is worth doing in its own right. I understand people who smoke in the house have much higher […]

Digital Slivers

While art may at times be disturbing, It is up to artist to say.. Whether this be art or truth Chaos struck on the chords of facebook’s hearts Unable to say, leap to conclusion of disturbance While playing war songs on YouTube Chaos theory of politica becomes nanoparticles of dust Not to say always managed […]

Summer Archives #2

Until the seasons change, do nothing but study, computer work, and writing How to increase output; and decrease time spent – Key to stress % Undoing Watching the world pass, as, paychecks vie for attention Against grades, dishes, garden ~~~ & longer term art and vision Under the suppressing wail of freelance and class Wondering […]

nude by onesergey – flickr All rights reserved/ copyright on this one. Hence the squshed image. I just like it. no further point. Also, if you are reading this and have not yet, check out my earlier posts on living on minimum wage @ 31 hours a week / striking foodservice workers. They are not more than 6 or […]