Successful Anarchy (Non-Linear Poem)

The end of government nears inevitability The artless hawker sells souls on a street corner In your toil, you seek different assets Blood oaths To bind themselves to the sworn goal of realignment An end to this debt penury and usurpation of sovereignty Building out the vision, sharing around Collecting your drops, you begin to […]

The Organs of the State Wind Up

The organs of the state Are being wound up Like artwork Clockwork, let us say The Chinese Great Firewall Has eyes everywhere Some venture in Citizen intelligence All those Chinese students Being debriefed when they get home The symbol of the twilight Is the ox With its sleepy eyes The Americans may not censor But […]

Dismantling the Constructs

Building on the progress of generations Stealing away all that can be Sending the young off to war Being in the silence and the empty spaces of time Seeing what cannot be done In it, you are free and fair In it, you are without hope Outside it, all is different Without it, things would […]

war v. revolt poem a)

used some random seeds for this one ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a demonstration – a proof of concept – a thousand signs raised; a podium’d speaker the disloyal lizards run in our midst their amygdalas inflamed by god knows what operating on fear and hate; & god-knows-what & paid to throw rocks so easy to discredit the […]