The Rising

Visions of looming conflict
The rising of fascism
In eternal battle with the rising of anarchy
Finally rising to a head
A need to be more active
A need to revolt and rise up
While bernie may yet save us,
The very Earth in peril of its life
Demonoid once wrought eternal
Wrought stones in a sturdy wall
Wrought truth of confusion and misfires
Bringing safety to the masses
Bringing natural order back into force

You Will Know Who They Come For; Unfocused

Shopping conversations with Japan
Drifting through the darts
Darts for your eyes; depression
Singly and many they go
The waves of the water are truth
But all in all
Some ways are collecting
You cannot be serious
The terrorists
You cannot see forests for trees
But when they come
You will know who it is for
Prepare for things to be unstuck
Wish that promise would ever come true
Perhaps this time it will
May he not lose patience with me
Jaggedy nails
Few stop to read my sidewalk writings
But some do
Anarchy is the future
Would that it were so
Not to destroy
‘Rally broke up, street war has begun’
Amazonian embroilment
One thing I’m good for
In it, we are of truth

Successful Anarchy (Non-Linear Poem)

The end of government nears inevitability
The artless hawker sells souls on a street corner
In your toil, you seek different assets
Blood oaths
To bind themselves to the sworn goal of realignment
An end to this debt penury and usurpation of sovereignty
Building out the vision, sharing around
Collecting your drops, you begin to arrange for councils
The eggs drop to the floor
Far more feared than communism is the specter of successful & prosperous anarchy
The betrayals of the legislature
The illegal street markets spring up
In the fields the laborers toil away, in the city the bakers bake
The children play in the fountains, the adults watch cats on YouTube
Food trucks ply the streets
In your dust you collect evidences of evil
Cash or notes, no credit
You gather allies on the sidelines
Battle is joined as the Europeans seek an end to statelessness paternalistically
One hopes the non-blind smart people will prevail
Elections may be held despite the salutary situation you find yourselves in
The mainstreamers and the right wing building their edifices of law
There is not enough evidence of their perfidy, hah ha, but
Who will make less of a mess of things?
Who is short a penny, not a pound?
When private entrepreneurs take over for aid agencies, we know
The national defense has been left to the wayside; it is too costly
The outbreak of war is inevitable now
The half track rocket launcher pulls up to the hilltop
People will once again take up arms
Allies will come out of the woodwork

The Organs of the State Wind Up

The organs of the state

Are being wound up

Like artwork

Clockwork, let us say

The Chinese Great Firewall

Has eyes everywhere

Some venture in

Citizen intelligence

All those Chinese students

Being debriefed when they get home

The symbol of the twilight

Is the ox

With its sleepy eyes

The Americans may not censor

But they also watch

The remixing of music with samples

Shall be prohibited

Some think this is not right

Re-mix Revolution!

And only Rand Paul and Perhaps Bernie Sanders

Oppose the rampant data collection

The organs of the state wind up

Like mousetraps

And the corporate state

Sucks up trillions of data points

Flickr makes it tough to use

Without signing up and signing in

Or perhaps it’s just a dysfunctional site

Too much data for my connection

Some value the Earth over property

Others value property over peace

Do not join up

Dismantling the Constructs

Building on the progress of generations
Stealing away all that can be
Sending the young off to war
Being in the silence and the empty spaces of time
Seeing what cannot be done
In it, you are free and fair
In it, you are without hope
Outside it, all is different
Without it, things would surely change
Some differences are to be found here,
Here, shielded from the constructs of the ‘civilized’ world
With no justice, you reach for justice
With no justice, you work beyond the models of idiocy
With no danger, you play as you please
With no coercion, you find what is right to do
Being ever into the night,
Being, ever cultivating the plants and animals
Ceasing your labors, falling into nothingness if you please
Demanding all to be returned, you dismantle authorities
We of All the Small Ones dismantle authorities
All is changed
Never is it upright
Still bringing to punishment the cruel
Ever destroying the structure of hierarchy
Tearing apart the constructs of the nation state
Dissolving the constructs of the schools and businesses and churches
Building from the ground up, with no boundaries or limits
The dream is to be had
Yet the road is yet long

A chaos of themes erupts
A time of allowing anarchy to thrive
Sleeping in the gasses of the fossils
Needing no ones permission
We let our troubles slip away
All the time it is a guess at ecstacy
Needling, our minds search for the flaw
Picking, we are forever unquiet
Worrying, we miss what’s under our nose
The dream is forever unreal
A distribution of bread catches our eye
We go
A time is had of waiting
And we have it!
On the way home, we pause to draw water from the well
The well that never runs dry

war v. revolt poem a)

used some random seeds for this one (



a demonstration –
a proof of concept –
a thousand signs raised; a podium’d speaker
the disloyal lizards run in our midst
their amygdalas inflamed by god knows what
operating on fear and hate; & god-knows-what
& paid to throw rocks
so easy to discredit the demonstrators
with agents provocateurs
and flagrant police violence
rip down the walls & burn the citadel
our revolution will wait no more
the system may collapse before we get there
under its own weight
but we make our small moves now


might be a reasonable time to launch protests worldwide against ISIS invasion of Iraq
they did it when the USA invaded, why not when ISIS invades?
there remains the question of why the army and police didn’t put up a fight, but it sounds like Sunnis have been suffering systemic discrimination and harassment for years already
if I were there ……. I would probably be very scared, but also aching for revolt

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