Urgent Political Action Project!

postcard-front[For full explanation, see my Patreon post] Alright. I still haven’t done a proper Patreon homepage pitch video, explaining how the site works and whatnot, and I haven’t really started reworking Psychic Fugue Studio’s homepage yet, so that will probably take all of tomorrow. But the project is getting off the ground. The 1000 postcards should be here tomorrow or the next day, and Mom sprung for the first 100 stamps too. I spent a couple of hours today knocking together a mailing list for Louisville, where I live.

[The links to be included on the postcards in the corner areĀ New Study Shows Climate Change Could Suffocate Life on Earth The 3 Reasons the Paris Climate Deal is a Fraud poems will be included in the box]

Faeries Oracle indicates it would be extremely profitable to target San Francisco first (one card reading, 1, Unity)… Donors at the $3 per month level get to decide addresses and up to 10 words on up to five cards. You can now see the postcards and the full pitch online, see: https://www.patreon.com/posts/3859330 Also, if you want to send me your target lists for Huntsville, please leave in the comments and try not to duplicate too much (with address and zip). The project is free for replication, but attribution is preferred, which I will be making official on parts with a Creative Commons attribution license (probably). Please consider giving so I can get as much force concentrated into a short time as possible! And then get on to the 2nd thousand (if information saturation is reached the campaign will change to something else). Also, check out: “Are You an Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You” (My printer quit working when I tried to print 30 of those earlier. Sabotage! The fools thought they could thwart my plans…)

Many thanks to Don Sloan Blog Main Blog for being the first donor and for being the first reviewer of my ebook!


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Joyful Earthworms

Diminishment of ties to the mainland
Loss of connexions with the planets surface
Forming independent households and cabals
Here in the winding, turning, ether
Lost to their ships like the Bermuda Triangle
Becoming obscenely joyful with freedom
Twisting apart from one another like sparrows flying in formation
Twisting together like a mass of earthworms in a compost box
Receiving wisdom from our friends and neighbors
Creating truth from the fibers of our hearts

The Dog Appears (And I get to feel like a hero)

The dog appears

As I am passed out drunk

Late last night

The cat instantly confronts him

The Guard Cat (LOL)

I attempt to throw this strange window crashing dog out but cannot

I go back to bed

When I wake up, I think the window jumping dog is gone

But it is not

It is at the foot of the couch

A very sweet dog

But my cat hates other animals

I throw it out

Dragging it by the collar

It will not leave the porch

It hides behind the armchair

Which belonged to my neighbor’s deceased partner

And I picked up off the curb

I go to get cigarettes and later, espresso

The dog remains

I return to the coffee house

Inquire if there is a dog person


I tell him I have checked the internet ID and it is not found, that the dog is terrified to go outside, and I think it has been abused, so I will not make fliers

He says I’ll come check it out after my other shift

My dog needs a playmate

Unless it’s a real old dog

I say I don’t think so, uncertainly

I am not a dog person

But after I get home and close the porch door to keep it in for its adopter

I hear the tags of dog who would not move from behind the armchair, or eat


The owner, a beautiful young woman has come by, on foot

She says he is not abused

merely terrified of storms

I believe

She is so happy to find her dog

I begin to feel like a hero in a minute

But the dog found me, I did not find him

She is very thankful

I got a leash from my mom

Because I figured it would need a walk before Jake got off work

Not that it would have come out

Even though it was sunny now

It would not eat, even

I ask her if she needs a leash

And she says no, I’ll just carry him

Thank you so much

I would never name a dog Sebastian

But I am not a dog person

I like dogs now

But I don’t need an animal that needs to be walked

That needs care

Three times a day at least


war v. revolt poem a)

used some random seeds for this one (watchout4snakes.com)



a demonstration –
a proof of concept –
a thousand signs raised; a podium’d speaker
the disloyal lizards run in our midst
their amygdalas inflamed by god knows what
operating on fear and hate; & god-knows-what
& paid to throw rocks
so easy to discredit the demonstrators
with agents provocateurs
and flagrant police violence
rip down the walls & burn the citadel
our revolution will wait no more
the system may collapse before we get there
under its own weight
but we make our small moves now


might be a reasonable time to launch protests worldwide against ISIS invasion of Iraq
they did it when the USA invaded, why not when ISIS invades?
there remains the question of why the army and police didn’t put up a fight, but it sounds like Sunnis have been suffering systemic discrimination and harassment for years already
if I were there ……. I would probably be very scared, but also aching for revolt

~~~images : http://www.accountancyage.com/aa/analysis/2102620/green-revolution


Medal of honor

Goes to pennywise because their song ‘fuck authority’ was banned from airplay for unclear reasons aftrr the september eleventh thing.
Edit: coincidentally released only a month or two before
Welcome to 1984


Self liberation of the idea

intel the scene

classy classy classy

anarchist bitch

that is what many Bregnans would say

+ D confidence

Seeing times rapidly changing

Total information awareness

Imagine what we could do with 10,000 AEon Flux’s

Yet she is not non violent

So what do I mean’;

just follow the words

the chaos theory of counterintelligence

street art, memetics

the war of the pen

and the mutualised community

protest, organization, self help, outreach