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Due to errors and changes in workflow, my previous notices about postcard file availability (in 300 dpi suitable for printing) were incorrect. This has been fixed. They are now available at Psychic Fugue Studio. For quantities smaller than a full print run, please visit my shop on Zazzle.com. For text of some of the cards already sent out, see Poetic Postcards. Currently reformatting and making a few changes to the ebooks on Amazon to make them look right on Kindle, and in the next week they will likely be coming to actual paper! via CreateSpace, and possibly to some independent bookstores after that. I will also soon be offering The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up On Some Foreign Shore as a freebie if you sign up for the mailing list over at Psychic Fugue Studio. But I have to check the formatting on it and add the sign up form first… And when the budget allows, they will be coming to 60+ ebook markets in 170+ countries via BookBaby.


Ziggomatic Keys ( * & Synaptic Syntactic and Really Fantastic & * )

Huntsville poet and novelist Ian McLeod says of the first draft: “They’re both good, but the Jabberwocky section in the Ziggomatic Keys book was some fantastic verse–you touched on (or perhaps impaled and nuked from orbit?) a number of important subjects and problems without coming off as too didactic, which is not an easy thing to accomplish and is always rewarding for the discerning reader. Your imagery is vivid–dreamlike and nightmarish, as appropriate.”
“Ziggomatic Keys ( * &  Synaptic Syntactic and Really Fantastic & * )”
Will be through Amazon’s review process in approximately twelve hours, in time for the arrival of the first 70 postcards. Now I’ve just gotta hack on my landing page at psychicfuguestudio.net! How Exciting! I’m really excited! La! Send address to cooper.dozier@gmail.com to get a postcard (as noted before. Be the first! no takers yet). Card blanks 75 cents each minimum 10. Ziggomatic Keys will be $4.49 since amazon said that was likely to maximize my earnings. I had thought to do $5.99. There are extra spaces that aren’t in the real subtitle, because apparently (I think) those sequences of symbols are illegal.

[Update amazon link is: http://www.amazon.com/Ziggomatic-Keys-Synaptic-Syntactic-Fantastic-ebook/dp/B01A3P9TSK

or http://amzn.to/1Klzoyz ]



The music of the mice was always going to put you a little off kilter
But each day the storm passed, and with each passing of the storm, the giant red spot went further off
The music of the mice was of the eerieness of the sunlight on the day before you meet your doom
And in the mines of Moria, the passing notes became the demonic monsters of hatred
And in the elven forest, the passing notes became the ethereal trill of awe
But playing on your harmonica and harmonizing, you take no notice of impending events
Each and every witch way, the horcrux was but of the appearance of a lonely lowly onion
And speaking as a witch, I say to you thus:
—– do not diminish but screw, do not marry but fuck, do not recover but imbibe, do not respond but get down; every witch way is the path to ecstatic peace, while every cross way is the path to unending sorrow; the fascitis of the jaw is as the neuralgia of the cerebellum; in all of it smoke got in your eyes, and the lightning up of the hippocampal cells betokened burgeoning health; but seeing the rabid masses coming for you, depart through your tunnel, and never must you return home
~ But speaking as of the which ones but not as if who but as if the other, but also that, and on occasion otherwise, the ever felicitous me of We of All the Small Ones averred thusly:
—– in it there were flocks of meandering populaces and each as of the other became the gems of one anothers’ hearts; the gobbledygook of the planes notwithstanding, the great elder outer old ones were napping this eon, and so we were left to be killed only by each other, not by the debilitating THEM, and in all the whalings of the African continent, our birds denoted failure, and in failure we rejoiced, having ever something more to do, and not as of which but of now, we must go
~ and in the chthonic twilight we averred and gamboled on into the swamp, and the drama not piling as we had no one left to us, we did not care, nor did we give a fuck, nor did we give a shit, nor did we give two rats (although we did give about half a rat), for failure was our fate, and the indifference of the others could not be contested, for thus our standing had long been lost
And confidence gaining we went on to entrance, and marketing on our merry way became different from what we had been, and oh, in so many ways

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Book Release v.2

Much improved second edition of The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore will be out for kindle/kindle app before midnight. Turns out I had left some major weaknesses in v.1 without noticing, but they have been excised and I think about 5-7 poems added. Get it, you won’t regret it! Still only $2.99 and free to kindle unlimited users with DRM switched off both ways. Tell everyone you know, help make me a smashing success! For updates on future publications watch here, or for updates that don’t roll off your feed, psychicfuguestudio.net. If you like my worj here, know that stuff I right here is often dashed off and unedited, while the book has been culled to doneness. Worth many rereading in my opinion. Be the first to rate and review!

New eBook Release!!!

My first manuscript, The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore, is now available as an Amazon eBook. It is $2.99 and 30 pages. Please share and enjoy! I published a couple excerpts of it on here yesterday, but here they are again:


The driftwood of our lives
Washed up on some foreign shore
We glistened
But the sun was not amiable
It was fierce
Our dominance was unquestioned
But we knew not how to live
A spiritual deadening
Infected the nation-state
There was no truth in advertising
And all our wars came to naught
Consumer culture reigned
Even as millions languished
Permanently jobless
The driftwood of our lives
Washed up on some foreign shore
We did not recognize our new homes
But the animals and winds around us
Did not pause for our alienation
They went about their business
And we, perplexed,
Eventually tried haltingly
To get on with ours

Or, wait I actually removed and replaced the introduction before I published it. Here is the new starting gun:


The tangled flow of lives
In your workings, remember three things:
One, never look down on mushrooms
Two, do not insult your customers
Three, bring your lives to fruition
In your direct actions, remember these four:
The situation is not normal
The collected dreams of the people are at a place of power
Refrain from rudeness
Chant loudly, raucously, and bawdily
In your home, three again
Bring ever peace unto it
Stand on the threshold a moment before going through
Cook with consciousness

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