Sifting through the pieces
Of broken 2013
Reassembling a thing or two

Tossing out others
Create Increase
Build a new way

Send darts of creative chaos
More effecting than webs
Channel power into transmission

Make closer political speech
Work toward the building of environment
Contact the galleries

Imagine the receiver
Wondering who thought of them with
This addressless vehicle

Perhaps they are sent on
Perhaps kept as mystery
Work magic charge the change

Sent the birds flying into ether
Print, code, issue

At least that’s the hope
Bridging difference
Meeting those on the other side

All to build
What is the goal

For this assembly
What mission?
Art is outside

wunky2Apologies for wunky picture and tired sentiments


under the wailing wall

we lie in wait

for western warriors waving wands

under the moon’s eyes we see the light

we watch the programs and see a vapid society

we read the rare pages and we see the freedom of possibility

unrealized except among a few choice clusters

but then

there are the others

who is to say they are not also doing something to keep back the violent

where are we in this strange land of 2014

where everything is on edge

and all the thoughts are in play?

(if not all the actions)

where is the moon; it has vanished

where is the earth; we find only vagueness

where is the .

it security ‘news’ (2011)

program from godaddy is either really bad or spy/remote control -ware

(many others seem to agree)

you may wish to let people who have godaddy know

not proven (spy/control -ware) of course… although it looks highly suspicious

has supposedly been fixed (?) on windows but not mac [to not run as root] …..