A text message…

In reference to an exchange i had with some about the Colbert Show (last night’s i guess?) vis a vis trump, dems, gop, and DACA (the debt ceiling/harvey deal): “From the standpoint of whats presented in “the hidden connections”, “chaos,” & “emergence”, (books), in a living rather than mechanical system (such as societies & politics) […]

Nihilist in Bloom at a Retail Store by Magda Werkmeister (15) – Rattle

[…] ​dead dog at seven stood up by prom date rejection from ivy league new puppy at eight met boyfriend at prom full ride to state college […] https://www.rattle.com/nihilist-in-bloom-at-a-retail-store-by-magda-werkmeister/ Also, a shortlink for easy analog sharing: https://v.gd/nihilistinbloom

‘Pickpockets’ {a syntax mashering}

“% ‘$theSidewaysScrew’ = %” The YouTube ad said something like \\ “They gave out free tickets to psychiatric institutions” I clicked over to the tab, & It said the ‘truth’ logo (A US anti-smoking campqign targetered at teens/YA) But I tried to replay it, But could not; You cannot replay ads on YT. So and […]

PDF version of Synaptic Syntactic

Took awhile to get around to getting the HD from the old (Lightning-Kissed) computer back online so I had my original Libre Office doc. But I have finally gotten a PDF loaded for free downloads (instead of .epub & .mobi only, now all 3): Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes Again, I don’t […]