Snapping off the totality…

Reasonable binges over limited times Break state against highlighted codes Attempt one pushover, slide forth the pawn Trawling for leads over the sea of many-minds Flip script & re-tune, bail out the pumpkinheads while supergluon pranksters obtain Allotments of question marks overrun, ampersands & exclams, bang tags programmatically traded Close to the inner wire, thankless […]

In Spite of Contradiction…

There were collections of angels disguised as beggars going about, shoring up the levies, getting the ration of beer, and breakfast, like the rest of us, though many took more complex tasks… There were silent lookouts searching the skies and waves, variously for signs of approaching relief or rogue waves, or signs and portents, or […]

Semi-Articulate Mess of Snap-Backs

Seems to be a shot Not stuck to the sideline Wading in, resisting the accusatory snark Additional deceiving mischief mail… Obvious … Yet … Whom? A straitjacket of positive thinking container for the dismissal A blade of refusing all possible criticism A place where one’s voice is wilfully erased A place where one is separated […]

Hazards of Rapid Composition and Instant Publish [[A Digression then A Phantasie(?) (a historic opportunity)]]

[link to rather better explained update at bottom. Suspect very few readers would have read it the way I intended. Though some might have found it amusing or some other feeling, rather than infuriating or insulting] May have infuriated an unknown small number of readers (total has been small). Others may’ve had different reactions from […]

A Digression then A Phantasie(?) (a historic opportunity)

Scroll below the digression (ยง7) for a proposal to split the GOP and why they ought to jump at the chance.  [Note 3: the labels mentioned in the next note are not exactly meant as ‘truth’ or any type of absolute & solid judgement. They are not necessarily congruent to any of my opinions (as […]