Leonard Steinhorn: Donald Trump’s War on the 1960s

Originally posted on Vox Populi:
Donald Trump and his supporters may be waging battles against the press, immigrants, voting rights, the environment, science, social welfare programs, Planned Parenthood and what they label political correctness and the deep state. But to them these are mere skirmishes in a much larger conflict. The president has essentially declared an all-out…

We Are Stranger than this Clock-World We’ve Made (soundcloud) + Microbe Magicks

Listen to We Are Stranger than this Clock-World We’ve Made :: Improvisation 7.21.2017 by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud Microbe Magicks Spectacular animalcules flock together like the dust of stars Straight out of Maxwell’s book of daemons Loosely attached by the nonlocal mindfield Staring at your coal and calculating fates Wake by the dawn and pray […]

The Heart Pounds a Millisecond Alarm

Half-spasming, the altercations took place blearily in the rising dawn, all irritable down to being beerless since last call, and this being Sunday, the cafe would not serve till 10, and the corner store till 1. And so the collisions begin… Time was, back in antediluvian days, all might be sorted instead by a fistful […]