Sarah van Gelder: I Was Wrong About the Rural–Urban Divide Wisconsin dairy farmers reminded me not to allow Fox News and the NRA to define groups of people. I thought I knew something about Wisconsin politics. I assumed the state was neatly divided between blue cities, like Madison and Milwaukee, and solidly red rural areas that twice elected Governor Scott Walker, one of the […]

Be Prepared to Stop at Any Moment

°° […] intersection, a roadwork sign warned: BE PREPARED TO STOP AT ANY MOMENT. I felt my jaw dropping. It sounded like a warning, and also a reminder, as if I needed one, that most likely I wouldn’t be hearing […] ° At all times, remain alert Whether alert to the monster I’s mutterings, Or […]

Sudden Onset (English re-dubbing)

Nonsense – nonsense Nonsense – lost in – stupefyingly large – space is big, but language is bigger Shit moves really fast when you’re revved enough to notice, it’s beautiful (and much too fast to write down well (simultaneous 28 dimensions of flow)) I like to mash words together and make them dance I love […]

A rare moment when I want to share from facebook to here instead of vice versa: “reflecting on the days when this album came out after watching a couple of happy things…. fascinating.. never seen the manga they used to illustrate it before, obvi. reflecting on the bush years. of particular note is the loop […]

trickery, trickery, trickery .  . . yet nothing in your mind is so certain ; ] ; ] everyone (%) misses and overlooks everything they see . . . / / / there is no logical closure : : there is no end to possibility : : there is no impossibility whatsoever : : any […]

Acid Tongue {&}

Acid tongue of only truth Restrained, just barely The ethically bankrupt parent: an uncertain quantity But best not to poke a landmine . . . Not my affair . . . . My affair to judge, for myself, and to inform, others But not mine to determine the safest course The recipient of the threats, […]

Evolution of Terms: Syntactic Semantic

Visions of night forgotten Loss. Gain. Finally sleep overtook Repeated Awaking finally, imagining suicide by various methods… Rising and moving after much delay Forgetting all that – What do I really have to do? Nerving up and checking the syllabus Finally deciding that it is doable Although so much class missed Life is complex, We […]