A rare moment when I want to share from facebook to here instead of vice versa: “reflecting on the days when this album came out after watching a couple of happy things…. fascinating.. never seen the manga they used to illustrate it before, obvi. reflecting on the bush years. of particular note is the loop […]

trickery, trickery, trickery .  . . yet nothing in your mind is so certain ; ] ; ] everyone (%) misses and overlooks everything they see . . . / / / there is no logical closure : : there is no end to possibility : : there is no impossibility whatsoever : : any […]

Acid Tongue {&}

Acid tongue of only truth Restrained, just barely The ethically bankrupt parent: an uncertain quantity But best not to poke a landmine . . . Not my affair . . . . My affair to judge, for myself, and to inform, others But not mine to determine the safest course The recipient of the threats, […]

Evolution of Terms: Syntactic Semantic

Visions of night forgotten Loss. Gain. Finally sleep overtook Repeated Awaking finally, imagining suicide by various methods… Rising and moving after much delay Forgetting all that – What do I really have to do? Nerving up and checking the syllabus Finally deciding that it is doable Although so much class missed Life is complex, We […]