Is what we do in service of our true desires? When and how do we reassess?

A post on what I’ve gained from blogging, and what it has failed to give me. And on the challenge of investing time and energy in well-defined plans with endless distractions so easy to come by.


The Stock Market is not the Economy, the GDP is not the Economy

A commentary on the shallowness of media and popular dialogue about the economy. I have read that the inventor of the GDP figure never intended it to be a stand in for national well-being or success.

She & Demonoid in His Native Habitat

Demonoid seemed always ready for anything. When she rang about the lice in the skidrow dimehaunts, he was just becoming altogether aligned in the brainwave vortex. Somewhere down the line, she looked back and considered this, for sure, a turning point. Meanwhile, the red apples were arrayed & counted out. The apple-mazes were part of […]


An interesting wikipedia clade: “Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article that isn’t in parentheses or italic, and then repeat, you will eventually end up in “Philosophy”. from the mouseover text of which the picture for I can’t post for some reason. I find this fascinating and […]