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Rejection Letter from Hermeneutic Chaos

For the Jane Lumley prize, not general publication: “We always look forward to reading literature that moves us, excites our aesthetic sensibilities, and inspires our imagination to explore realms that are unique and enthusiastic. And there was much to admire in your work as it presented to us a narrative landscape stunningly wrought with haunting […]

Cosmic Clarity in Scribbled Verse

Simple in the titles Create hundreds of crafty hashtags Be lost among idea-seas Yet all ‘mongst puzzles Create cryptograms of verse Cryptograms of Cosmic Glue – Much work to be done, much.. Crystalline species of thoughts Yet by-the-by, Theorems quaint & fructulous – Dancing series of glycemic indices and transmitter functions Balance a sign for […]

Poems and Oracle Reading

Postcards now available for purchase! At Zazzle! Help a brother out… Customizable! You have now missed the sale on The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore! Help me Protest! fossil fuel subsidies Battle lines drawn No art in the tubes A line in the sand A gender schism? A lot for me to handle […]

Dreaming of Demonoid Picotant

Join me in protest! The first of every month! http://bit.ly/23Njetz Sidewalk Chalk and Revolution! ————— DREAMING OF DEMONOID PICOTANT Demonoid picotent is sleeping with the devil Demonoid of the last outer outpost Excuse that interlude in the sleep of the all, the trialogues of damnation, and fuck you sir. Of all the smiles and then […]