A text message…

In reference to an exchange i had with some about the Colbert Show (last night’s i guess?) vis a vis trump, dems, gop, and DACA (the debt ceiling/harvey deal): “From the standpoint of whats presented in “the hidden connections”, “chaos,” & “emergence”, (books), in a living rather than mechanical system (such as societies & politics) […]

‘Pickpockets’ {a syntax mashering}

“% ‘$theSidewaysScrew’ = %” The YouTube ad said something like \\ “They gave out free tickets to psychiatric institutions” I clicked over to the tab, & It said the ‘truth’ logo (A US anti-smoking campqign targetered at teens/YA) But I tried to replay it, But could not; You cannot replay ads on YT. So and […]

Photos + One blueprint on quitting smoking

It is very true. To cut down, just 5 more minutes, just finding one more thing to do, before smoking, is the way to win. I would not recommend cutting down as a quitting strategy, but it is worth doing in its own right. I understand people who smoke in the house have much higher […]

Today is an Echo Day

Today is an Echo Day, in American notation anyway (2/17/2017) the month and day echo the year number. The rules here being that you can break the numbers anywhere and discard either or both zeros in the year, but not change the order of the whole number. The 14th to the 20th centuries, I think, […]

Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

I’m leaning towards, if you take this up and decide to post them, avoidance of including the serial numbers. If you thought people who got your verses might get value from treating them as collectors items, you might want to be sure to include serial numbers. Advantages over postcards: passes through many hands/eyeballs, good chance […]

Night Notes – 2/2/2017

Night: Assemblage . . . Cataplexy – – – Apoplexy No divisions remain. Destruction of the trumpsters. Whatever. Failure of the whales. Elemental standing. Crucifixion. Nothing assembling. Nothing adding. Incoherence . . . . Imagine that you are addressing your readers for a moment . . : Relate to stability; “Rage, rage against the dying […]