On the Streams of Threadless Nonsense Exchanges

[…] Can a thing be other than absolutely real or unreal? Can reality be a quality that changes both in time and over other fields and rulers? Can it be a non-numerical quantity?
What is a non-numerical quantity? […]


Is what we do in service of our true desires? When and how do we reassess?

A post on what I’ve gained from blogging, and what it has failed to give me. And on the challenge of investing time and energy in well-defined plans with endless distractions so easy to come by.

She & Demonoid in His Native Habitat

[[Seemingly the most recent Demonoid poem I’ve published; not in the ebook; first published here, August 2017]] Demonoid seemed always ready for anything. When she rang about the lice in the skidrow dimehaunts, he was just becoming altogether aligned in the brainwave vortex. Somewhere down the line, she looked back and considered this, for sure, […]