Finally a New Etsy Post!

I have finally added something else to Etsy! It is part of a series of drawings from 2007 that I have called “Semantic Drift Engines” or, later, “Memetic Vector Spaces”. Here is a part of the image:


She & Demonoid in His Native Habitat

[[Seemingly the most recent Demonoid poem I’ve published; not in the ebook; first published here, August 2017]] Demonoid seemed always ready for anything. When she rang about the lice in the skidrow dimehaunts, he was just becoming altogether aligned in the brainwave vortex. Somewhere down the line, she looked back and considered this, for sure, […]

Sarah van Gelder: I Was Wrong About the Rural–Urban Divide Wisconsin dairy farmers reminded me not to allow Fox News and the NRA to define groups of people. I thought I knew something about Wisconsin politics. I assumed the state was neatly divided between blue cities, like Madison and Milwaukee, and solidly red rural areas that twice elected Governor Scott Walker, one of the […]