The Ballet of Flinders, Splinters, and Shards

Like the Matrix lobby scene As dancing sparks from the bonfire Or the fireflies, when they’re thick Like when you fall to pieces  Your pieces fall to shards, And your shards fall to splinters, And you splinters burst into sand, And the sand explodes into dust, Like the supernova of persona, shadow, and animus, And […]

Sideways & Crafty

Slide unwavering through the brush Check back the prejudgements and overreaction Cutting across potentialities unknown in an ugly red pen Simmering up the magic of beanstalk bootstraps Strain against the turning of the tide, yet all to no purpose; exclusively idle chatter Loss of one’s balance is not improper And why would you want to […]

Variant Novel Angular

Perceived as a quite odd image I am guessing (?). Seeing how intensively white paint/yellow light the uncropped shot is, I register that overreliance on ‘safe’ white is not a permanent or immutable quality of human patterns. Then very quickly snaps through my mind the earlier radio show segment on when/how VR/Augmented Reality glasses (or […]

“Firecracker Zen”

Just one o’ them things .. Titles wandering about disembodied As yet no definitive idea Of that which it might sensibly be snapped on to Yet, the inscrutable squawk & blither of the voice within, Even so cannot really claim an invention For the source exists in different phrase: As to what ends, or […]

Limitations, Circadian Rat-Screw

Slap the aces one by one Ticking over the superposition of 3 types Not by a shave, but by a timewave We wake and form a forthright thrust We sleep on dreamscapes restructured by corporate raiders (…°) Loss of isles of verse Ideas and words, infinite, ever-shifting \ Unlike Pokemon, Impossible to catch them all; […]


Flipping out on the barnstorm tour,  The guides of political tourism (how dull!)  Arrange the flowers in manic fits, Sleep in 5 minute stretches Lost from their anchors to the Earth Stopped in their tracks by the site of Crocs Fearful small children are opposing spies Or worse, alien infiltrators Conspiracy theory at its worst […]