I am A. Cooper Dozier, the author of Mindfire Cantata, a blog of contemporary poetry comprising 862 posts since 11/2012. I was first introduced to poetry writing (aside from one high school project) in a weekend workshop in 2009, soon started this blog and forgot about it for awhile, but kept scribbling on paper. The submissions process being rather onerous, I have continued building my web presence and doing the occasional open mic in Louisville, Kentucky. I have 2 ebooks available on Amazon, although revisions to them are currently under way… ; The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up On Some Foreign Shore (10/2015) & Ziggomatic Keys (*& Synaptic Syntactic &*) (01/2016). A paper version will also be coming to CreateSpace for each.

In 2015 and 2016 I began writing much more heavily on paper, although I continue to blog regularly. I have been a painting student, a Design, Arts, & Technology student, and an IT worker in the past, among other things. Serious reader who used to have a ton of books, tarot/oracle fancier, black cat owner (called Crowley), briefly a vegetable gardener, & pretty good cook, as well as Huntsville, Alabama native, and Erowid and MAPS supporter.

Currently I am running my various websites, postcard campaign, and book roll outs (or re-rolls). You can find me on Facebook and Twitter: @tribalephemeral and send mail below: