“Where do you get your ideas?” (with special guest, Neil Gaiman)

The world is filled with ideas. Actually, it isnt filled with ideas, its MADE OF ideas. Actually its not made of ideas, its both made of filled with The Ideas. Likewise, your consciousness , being part of the world, is both made of & filled with The Ideas. Sometimes they arrive seemingly wholecloth from nowhere, but you do not need those types of ideas to begin with. They are All The Time,*snap*, *snap*, *snap*, $now$, $now$, $now$. You dont think those are ideas? Well they are, although having one’s verbalizing circuitry heavily engaged in absorption, as well as, and especially together with, an unquiet, uproarious mind, can make them less noticeable; this does not mean they are not there or that you dont have ideas, merely that you are not seeing and recognizing your ideas. There is more to it than that, but there’s the nub of it. It is literally impossible to catch and record them all. One does not suffer from a lack of ideas, but instead, a lack of recording & attending to ideas. Reprocessing them is another phase/stage/factor. Once you begin, the problem can quite quickly & quite often become too many ideas to handle.

Among other things, the second video below Mr. Gaiman gives a very funny description of how non-writers seem to think ideas magically come to be. I usually won’t watch videos that aren’t music videos, but these ones were worth it.

Neil Gaiman’s Advice on Writing and Inspiration (2 videos reposted by the BookBaby blogs)
(below image: book [ebook only, for now] available for an uncertain timeframe free at http://books.noisetrade.com/cooperdozier/synaptic-syntactic-of-unbounded ) (no kindle required, there are a plethora of apps for all devices)


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