Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series C #15-11

Poetic Postcards

Series C #15
To staff at a DC indie bookstore
[above line]:Conspiritech’s Hexylmathemagica Cookies
Flattery, Flattery, Flattery,
Deception, Hypocrisy, Wilful
Blindness, Chocolate Chips,
Princess, & Care-Bears. One
is never to measure twice,
nor to cut. Not to eleveate,
nor to debase. Bake for 3 years
at 700 degrees, by turns in
Iceland, by turns in Bermuda.
The whirl of stars is rather
key, if you don’t want to
accidentally open the oven to
hordes of hexie-hopped chaos
gremlins who will poke you
incessantly with dragonfly bones….
::: [random] “refuse”

Series C #14
To a Kentucky literary journal/college person
Everyone hallucinates daily
(& I don’t mean night-dreams)
though few know it. Many
of the things you hear in
restaurants, street, or crowds
stem from immaterial sources
or telepathy or pixies — do
not assume all were spoken
by the visible. They are adept
at camouflage and blending…

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