Series C, #6-10, Discordian Postcard Conspiracy

Poetic Postcards

Series C #6
To a Kentucky Author

Perplexity wrought over with
methodical literary potato-
masher grenades. A shock of
truth, a moment of grace,
an islet of soveriegnty, a quest-
ion of motives. The angular
shape of the entities, that
which hexie-hopped from out
the picture frame, took on a
characteristic glimmer of cloth
os stars – one to the other
chanted, while the onlookers
in the dorm room stood pole-
axed in their 2-CI induced
beglamoured state. Notwithstanding
that, the entities were no fiction…
::: [random] “Shining”

Series C #7
To staff at a DC bookstore

At the day of the night of
the day that if, at the dawn
of year zero, it then so happ-
ened that altogether all were
then each to Earth and the
heart, were chanting! Cha-
nting over days of terror,
chanting over days of grace,
chanting over the bowling
over of the…

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