Poetic Postcards

0719170959-1 The best looking of today’s cards. Among the best looking / most interesting of the stack.

Series B #228

Unsparing – the keynote ring-
ing over the PA shambled &
crackled. shaking off the fall-
ing tiles, the established Archon
made his way out. The idea! That
a question could bring such a resp-
onse. In a faint moment of clarity,
he shocked himself by saying,
“It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my
fault…” Normally always able to
check the evolution of divergent
thoughts, or at least to squash
them, he saw that the threads
escaped him, and always had, had
he but noticed the millions that
hadn’t concerned him…. In that
moment, he became, wit-
hout realizing what it
was, a reflexive anar-
chist…… “amplifier”

No links – No identification
To a therapist in Kansas

Series D #1 (a Portugal postcard)
[Front, Portuguese: “In the city of…

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