Series C, #5-1, Discordian Postcard Conspiracy

Poetic Postcards

Tempestuous & alarming,
seductive yet ranting, cha-
ined yet footloose & fancy-
free, shake shakes out her
old gear, she readies & plots,
she strikes out for points
west, looking-glass-ways of
the monumental heads… A
dash of pixie dust for the
teacup tempest, a snare
of gordian knots laid for
Megawatt Tube’s visit, a
thread of unease, a broken
heart again bursting blooms…

Liberty, Liars, Lasers,
Levers, Lovers, Loafers, Laya-
bouts, & Lemniscates. Our
Mother who art be the
real shiz_nit, speculated
against by trades, upheld
by our sisters the ants, coll-
ateralized and spun with
wires, aligning of the para-
llels of many minds…
Stemming the tide, chariots
and wireless, coding the Zig
Zags. A hero of grace & poise
a wizard of cargo cult magics..

Rotations. Islands. Questions.
Habits. Persons. Ephemera.
Staggers. Tweak. While one
to the other chanted, yet
through the spin of gloaming,

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