A Digression then A Phantasie(?) (a historic opportunity)

Scroll below the digression (§7) for a proposal to split the GOP and why they ought to jump at the chance. 

[Note 3: the labels mentioned in the next note are not exactly meant as ‘truth’ or any type of absolute & solid judgement. They are not necessarily congruent to any of my opinions (as even the incensed might guess if they got as far as ‘baby-eating democrats’) in each case. They are rather charged phrases, mainly in reference to one bit or another of the GOP. Disclaimer: I am a registered Democrat, not totally happy with having no choices though, and find some anarchist authors rather inspiring. The hot story of the moment though is the tortured coalition which is still called Republicans. And the piece is a bit of a stab at conveying various views within and about the Party, somewhat assembled from the vertiginous and stupefying week of continuous hazard laden news. Presumably the factions & actors would never say these things to one another’s faces, nor often in private. I fear I may have offended a few people far in excess of what I meant to convey. It is sharp tongued, but metaphorical labels are not literal. Anyway, they are staying put. The piece as a whole is sincere, though the harsh names are rather satirical; a bit of truth as some might see it, covered in a greatly exaggerated (as most might prefer) amusement. Lesson of not instantly posting the first cut … May learn one day, at least if I’m working on a hot topic. Personally I dislike the tea party/freedom caucus faction’s more than the others. But I believe that the hazardous style I used aside, the advice and news distillation are excellent, and useful for persons anyone on or off the political spectrum who tunes in and cares where it all goes. The final(?) explanatory insert has waxed exceedingly long and should likely be chopped to bits and compressed tomorrow, but probly won’t feel like it. If not for the habitual impatience the writer would not have to do awkward bolt ons. Being mainly a poet and not at all journalist, I hope the unvarnished snapshot moves someone. Would be rather shocked if my advice were to actually obtain anytime soon. Seems to me the best choice. We all hate 2 party monopoly. Apologies. Rambling. Quit.]

 [edit 2: WARNING: lots of metaphorical idioms here, some from each ‘side’. Don’t get offended, but realize that some in your own party see things from each of those lenses (metaphorically). As usual with first drafts, perhaps the order of things should have been somehow reversed. The parts that would be most widely agreed, even across parties, are towards the end (best chance we may ever get to move past the universally hated 2 party system, e.g.). However I am having to do this on a phone, so extensive reworks a) are tough, and b) are not something I like to do]

 [edit 1: fixed a dozen typos, added 1 line]

This is Art no more* no less*
The (GO)Party has rocketed forth on decades worth of lies & delusions – stitched & bullied and conspiracy-theory’d together by entrenched media constructs

The filter bubble and #fakenews has had its day in the sun, yet is not done yet – and the ‘Stories’ y’all tell yourselves are not new; the Limbaughs, and Glenn Becks, and Fox News’s et al, (y’all, if more than a couple read, know more than I) and false prophets and unenlightened pastors have all been with us quite some time.

Others have themselves a platform, but yonder eyeballs paid for the adverts, and reinforced one another, as did the (some but not all, or ‘sombunall’ RAWs neologism) pastors and politicians and perhaps outlying magazines, Sunday school teachers(?), what-have-yous.

This, in part, has brought the Great Chief Dong to office (he who must not be named, jk, I just like my moniker better than Trump). He played on all of these things, lending the weight of his voice to help them seem real.

I myself, fell for ‘9/11 was an inside job’ in 2004, although it was presented to me by some young folk working for Kucinich at a sort of festival at a ~radical college, not by an attack dog fox news person.

What is the opportunity, I hear them asking, as I fail to get to the point and rehash a news story from yesterday: Democrats are Falling for Fake News About Russia: Why Liberal Conspiracy Theories Are Flourishing in the Age of Trump [[do NOT, I implore you, jump to the conclusion that this means the ‘Russia thing’ is not real. Read the story. It is about rather more phantastical and unsubstantiated claims which are not reaching the ‘main stream media’]] … Additionally, it notes that at Obama’s inauguration in 2009, the right’s wing-nut factories had had major large platforms for many years already. This is not so on the left, and let us hope these bad actors on Twitter et al, fail at building those mega platform wing-nut factories.

Digressions ….

The point. ::: 
The GOP cannot get much of anything through Congress. They have a walking demolition derby who daily self-incriminates as el Presidente. They were already at each other’s throats anyway, in primaries and behind closed doors. If the Congress is really divided into four+ factions now anyway (GOP Senators, House GOP Pragmatists/’moderates’, House GOP Freedom Caucus/Tea Partiers, and the Democrats, who are united due to being in minority, only), and the GO.Party is an increasingly radioactive meltdown (except among die hard Trumpsters, some of whom, I’ve seen reported, in fact admit to just tuning out all the bad news; not of malice, it seems, they just can’t handle their expectations shattering; give them time) _THEN_ perhaps it is time to split the GO.Party in fact .. Hear me out R.s, there may be some advantages here.

A) a 3 way split would allow all those who didn’t wager too much, and or sycophant/collude with Trump to immediately disavow him. However, it would be wise if the factions all 3 agreed to bury the Republican/GOP name mutually, as it deserves, since 1980 perhaps, and since 1994 for sure. Rather than fighting over it endlessly. Naturally the ‘Freedom Caucus’ who want … nevermind … Will be unable to accept this. Let them keep the bloody name if they want, but don’t surrender the copyright. Make them call themselves, ‘New GOP’ or ‘God’s One True Republican Party’ or whatever modifier they choose. Keep the old party name away from those hysterical fanatics (right, im sure they’re not ALL so irredeemably bad, particularly if the topic isn’t politics at lunch or whatever).
A) Again, to reiterate, burying the GOP and going three ways, would allow all the willing and able to disavow and abandon Trump much more easily. It is like when Oracle (an ‘evil empire’) did a hostile takeover of MySQL (a free and open source alternative) and most of the founders and developers abandoned the new vehicle and forked the project. This does not necessarily mean that everyone stopped contributing to MySQL or that it didn’t pull from the founder fork. But sometimes ya gotta vote with your feet.

B) the House moderate/pragmatists and some senators, at least, could unshackle themselves from their decades in thrall to pandering to antediluvian haters, Maoist-like ideological purity battles, known destructive policy monstrosities that the far right likes, the 19th century, old donor ties, or have a stronger bargaining position against said donors, maybe appeal to the disgruntled in the never-GOP segment…

C) fresh starts on policy all around. Well, relatively fresh. The ability to diverge from those dipshits you hate in your party. The ability to have a more like minded and sane crew to caucus with instead of being dragged down by those plague rat ideologues and/or RINOs in your party.

D) no more getting ‘primaried’ by the ideological-purity freedom caucus that wouldn’t know modern America or political compromise or policy that works, as opposed to that seems Fountainhead’ish, from a dead fish or a hole in the ground, and wants it even less than a hole in the head.
D.2) you can attack one another all you like in the general election instead of the primary. This is not necessarily a bad thing, you can present yourself as the alternative to both democrats and the wing nuts. Or if you’re a proud wing nut, an alternative to both baby-eating democrats, and the traitor-scum other former republicans (remember you’ll have 2 other former factions to go after)

E) as the new parties naturally diverge, some may be able to peel off some of the NeverNeverNeverGOP vote (such as I) eventually. Equally, as the echo chamber becomes too loud and shrill, the Freedom Caucus will implode, splinter and change (or start an armed insurgency, tho let’s hope not. Insurgencies usually have a legitimate grievance, not just conspiracy theories and antediluvian life-hating theologies, even if they have nasty policies both ways). The constituents will be unable to live in permanent crisis/scorched earth mode. Unless the present GOP turns our nation into such a hollow corrupt & brutal shell … ah, but that would be the victory of the wing nuts, not the splitting of the party. And the left would be first to the barricades, even if we mostly don’t have basements full of guns (for good reason; look what happened after the shooting started in Syria’s initially peaceful revolution)

To paraphrase Gandhi, since I don’t have the quote handy, ~Of course it is not possible to know the ultimate effect of my actions. The only way to be certain of one’s outcomes is to do nothing.~

F) ending the hated two party system which ‘both sides’ hate. If you had unexpectedly good success (which might not mean a majority for 2 or 3 elections, but still, unexpectedly good), the Democrats might decide they too might like to split. Then with 6 parties we’d have real choices, not stupid and totally predictable gridlock. We’d have unpredictable and creative policy, coalitions, real chances for 3rd (or seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth. And eleventh) parties, a chance to do proportional representation, 2 round elections, axe the electoral college whatever.

Think of it: “every day a bright shiny new day” new electoral maps, New parties to get to work against, New alliances or bargains to strike. Where the governor’s and state house and local candidates would fall I do not pretend to know. The Senate and house pragmatists, I understand, are currently functioning as different blocks, but naturally theyd want to expand into the other house, but in which districts?

[edit 1: State wide gerrymanders would be hard in a polyvalent party landscape.]

No party should ever be able to field candidates in every race in the nation again.

Right well. An hour is all you can have from me on party politics, so this is done, quick and dirty, which is perfectly acceptable for amateur unknowns.

Select News: 

4 Trump properties IT probed (incl Mar a Lago) “assume they are already crawling with outside attackers” Pro Publica, others

Though I may (don’t recall what they were) not agree with policy prescriptions GOP Sen Sasse sounded pretty inspired on how individuals can transform culture interview on his new book, NPR On Point

A monstrosity of internet policy in Theresa May’s Tory/Conservative election manifesto, right after the government has won the right to store everyone’s browsing history The Independent (UK)

Things look very different from here: 

https://newsstand.google.com (also app)

Than from NPR and the economist, Facebook et al alone. Your newsstand feed will likely look different than mine. It started sensed me notices out of the blue some weeks ago, but I only tuned in about 4 days ago. A furious distraction.


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