Synapse Weaver: fine tuning living rhythms

click through for more details on what’s planned – stay tuned for how to keep a cucumber good in the fridge for 3+ weeks, among a page+ long list of planned topics.

Mindfire Cantata

A new blog has begun! Poetry will continue to appear here and at Poetic Postcards. More details at Synapse Weaver. But not much time right now; I have a deadline on something else at 11:59pm tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Synapse Weaver: fine tuning living rhythms

    1. I cannot, really keep up with it all. Hence how posts become less frequent. It was easier when I had the apps on my phone, but the social media (of which I include wordpress) on my phone made everything ELSE harder. But primarily, it’s this, poeticpostcards, and tribalephemeral on twitter. The tumblr has not seen any posts in a while, but I originally started it to post drawings as I got back in the habit of art; to just post drawings would be easier. Time management, balance, being in the present, but keeping an eye to the future, these are all the work of lifetimes. Also, this is one reason, I am starting the new blog. If I can persuade people to support my blogging materially enough, I can then do what I want most of the time without worry or guilt. And the new blog has a definite value proposition for readers in a more direct way than my oddball poetry. Incidentally, in spite of all the blogs, lets you use a single sign on for all of them, so I can just pull them down from the top left menu when signed in.

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      1. I have started various. “The Temerity of Optimism” (environment blog) and “First Topics in Drugs” (biomolecules, nutritional, pharmaceutical, or otherwise) only got 2-3 posts each. But the urge to add to them is part of what led to the new thing. It is important for gaining readers, to have an easy to remember and spell, non-awkward title, and to have the title match the URL. ‘biomolecule’ singular and plural was taken, but the new blog is more beyond that, anyway. I wanted to call it “Anterior Cingulate Gyrus” (a brain region), because it had a nice ring, but although that was untaken, it was long and hard for the general public to spell and recall. Other thoughts, like ‘CNS lifehacks’, ‘CNS gaia lifestyle’, although appropriate, were awkward as fuck and prone to inspire snorts of derision. I picked it (the URL/Name) after the ACG name came to me, and a page of brainstorming titles, and letting everything settle and rearrange for a few days, and checking that the URL was available. It is better to have it be a base URL, not a …, but I have no money in the bank, so I would have to do an unauthorized use of Mom’s credit card, or conduct a long stupid argument to gain approval for it. After years of people mistaking ‘lostinmist’ for ‘Lost and Missed’ in conversation, I wanted to be damn sure the thing would be clear and memorable. Plus the But that’s an issue for another week.

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