Superpositions of Types Across the Interpersonal Chasm

Reblog of last verse. Midnight deadline on something – nothing further new just yet

Lost in Mist


. . . . . a lever falling into place as a switch, chaos & control resurgent, limitations between our understanding of one another; no one may know what kinds of conversations we have within, insofar as we even notice them — beyond and above, beneath and below, the biochemistry variances are infinite yet echo one another infinitely, particularly plain is the matching up across the interpersonal chasm of the exogenous modifiers – a net for catching the intersection of states.

Spinning across the many billions of forum posts and web pages, seeing what can be seen, digging through Wikipedia and and skimming into papers and abstracts, setting up a game of comparisons: observe this generic Nutri-Grain bar pin its wrapper; what does it mean to you? Unhealthful candy poison? Or a way to keep up blood glucose on the go or when time and a wrecked kitchen do…

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